Island Motorsports 15th Year Anniversary Celebration…

Gotdamn….15 years? Shit, that’s a long time…15 years ago I think I was still trying to hide my awkward random boners in middle school or something and these guys were already in business. I haven’t been out to an event in a while so I’m definitely gonna go check it out. The last meet at Island was a little slower than I expected but that was probably because of the weather that day. This one should be much bigger. They got vendors like 5Zigen, GReddy (whose been showing up to EVERYTHING lately), Mackin Industries, AEM, Torco, etc. etc. Sounds like it’s gonna be a big turnout judging by all the companies showing up. If you guys got nothing going on that day and just wanna get out to come chill, you should definitely cruise by. I’ll be out taking pictures and shit, you know the usual…Try to come out though, they probably got free shit to give away or something. Oh I think Freddy from Autofashion mentioned that he was coming out as well. Anyways, here’s some more information on it….

Sounds like fun right? They got discounts, live entertainment, cars, food, and even a little bit of “Don’t Miss Out” from what I can see on the flyer…cool shit. Be there. That is all.

Here’s the Ultimate Warrior to get you guys pumped up for the meet…

Dramatic “deep in thought” import model face included….

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  1. the Ultimate Warrior is perfect for some T n A action from Billy and Tony at its JDM YO! Homo.

  2. I Should be there. Hit me up in the AM.

  3. Joe, how did you develop such strong MS Paint skills?!?!? :p

  4. hahaha ultimate warrior and middle school boners, the good ol days!

  5. Lol @ ultimate warrior pic! Ha ha!

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