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I’m out and about this weekend spending time with my family for Father’s Day but I thought I’d drop this video off here to you guys who happened to jump on here to check out The Chronicles. I recently had the pleasure of writing a feature on one of these Hondas for HT and I looked to this old video for some inspiration and to get a true feel for how this car performs. You’ll have to wait and see which car it is but it’s truly a legend among the entire world spectrum of the Honda community even though not much is known about it. This is a great video though and it shows you that even though it’s about 4-5 years or so later, these cars are still very current and kick ass. It’s “Best Motoring International Vol. 4: Roaring VTEC, The Battles at 10,000 RPM”…Enjoy. Turn up the volume and embrace the sweet sound of pure Honda performance…

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  1. That video never gets old. Can’t wait to see the new feature.

  2. I hope the feature is the SS Works CR-X..

  3. I put money on the SS Work’s CRX being featured because I love that car!
    It was rocking a shaved valve cover years before I saw it anywhere else!

  4. Please be the SS Works crx…oh i love that thing <3

  5. Lol…sounds like the English commentator is the same dude from Iron Chef! Good stuff!

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