Honda Tuning…The Race Issue…

Whadduuuuuupppp…been kinda busy lately gearing up for the busy weekend. Lots and lots of stuff going on this week in the automotive community. There’s Import Alliance of course as well as the annual Spocom car show in Long Beach, CA. I’m sure everyone will be busy looking for coverage of both events online. In the meantime inbetween time, make sure to go cop the latest issue of Honda Tuning, which is dubbed….THE RACE ISSUE… Rodrez and the crew worked really hard on this issue and Rodrez is particularly proud of this one because specially themed issues like this only come arounce once per year. That and anyone that is into cars can appreciate the ones that go fast, whether it be drag, autocross, time attack, etc., etc… Go get this issue, I’m not usually a guy that likes to read or anything and even I would buy this so you know it has to be special…

I still have some extra pictures from the day this cover was shot too so I’ll eventually post those up once everybody buys this issue. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, there’s actually a story in there that Sheepey tells us about how he one time raced somebody blindfolded and whoever won the race got two ice cream sandwiches and a necklace made out of chicken bones…it’s crazy you gotta read it…okay I lied but yeah, go get it, it’s awesome!

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  1. got mine in the mail 2 days ago :thumbup:

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