I’ll be honest, I should have done a better job of getting the word out there maybe a couple weeks ago but both Ken Myoshi and I have been so busy that it’s just been hard to do so. I’m pretty sure I brought this up once or twice before but for those of you who don’t know, Ken hit me up a while back when he announced that it was going to be possible to do Nisei Showoff again. Big Mike had been posting up randomly on the NWP forums about maybe doing something big for The Chronicles for Nisei and Ken liked the idea. It was just a matter of getting a hold of eachother to iron out the details. I was flattered when he hit me up, afterall, this is a rather small operation in the bigger spectrum of what Import Showoff has done the last decade. He told me he wanted to do a spotlight section where I would have a booth and I would highlight the previous Top Ten Hondas of years past. It sounded like a good idea and I told him I was down, we just needed the Hondas. The last two years have presented some great builds to the site but there are maybe half of them that either don’t exist anymore or the cars have been parted or sold. I hit up some of the guys who I knew were still going strong and have even changed their set-ups to make their cars even better. These guys were cool enough to agree to do it and I think I have a pretty solid line-up for you guys, maybe even some surprises…

Of course you will have to wait until Nisei to see them but if you guys could help me spread the word about this, it would be much appreciated. It is only a week away and I’m sure everyone is already excited. Doing the “Top Ten Showoff” would only add to the excitement. I still have a bunch of stuff to figure out before then but here’s a breakdown of what The Chronicles will be offering at Nisei Showoff 2010…

-We’re looking at 4-5 of the Top Ten Hondas from year’s past. Some making a return from hiatus, some with new set-ups to surprise the crowd

-I will have a booth there along with the usual suspects and like Eibach, May might be making some cookies…haha.

-By popular demand, I will finally have XXL Chronicles shirts for the big boys. Everytime I’m at an event someone has been asking me when I’m gonna make some bigger shirts and it’s finally happening. I will also have the usual sizes as well so if you guys want a Chronicles tee, make sure to stop by the booth and grab one while they last.

-A limited Nisei Showoff edition Chronicles decal. Everyone knows I’ve been making limited cuts and colors of the Chronicles stickers for every major event and the tradition will continue. The “Championship Edition” stickers are gonna be taken down soon to make way for the Nisei Showoff Edition sticker. I’m debating on whether or not I want to release these before the show or just make these available to showgoers first before putting them up online.

-Of course I will be providing event coverage as only The Chronicles can provide. I’m sure all of you who are showing will have your best on display and I can’t wait to see it all.

-Possibly some “Special Guests”…you never know 😉

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked for this event. Nisei Showoff is an event I always get hyped for but being able to do this collaboration with Ken Myoshi and Showoff makes it that much better. I hope to see you guys out there. I know a couple east coast/mid-west  peeps will be coming out too so it’s just gonna be a blast. NISEI.SHOWOFFxTHE.CHRONICLES 2010

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  2. kick ass. I’ll be there for sure. Looking forward to see your booth man!

  3. Hope I can make it, and I need to order my tshirt !!

  4. where’s the hella like button?

    OH BOY…

  5. Can’t wait to get out there next week as usual, an get some coverage. It’s gonna be a blast!!!

  6. can you save me a shirt in 2xL? thanks Joey!

  7. Can’t wait!!!! 4 more days and we’ll be in socal. 1st Nisei event and the car won’t make it : (

  8. Will Big Mike be there to sign autographs?

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