The video below will change how many of you view the CR-Z and it’s potential to be a build-worthy Honda…It’s 16 seconds of awesome. I know the CR-Z looks like a woman’s shaver and is a bit quirky looking but with some many big companies involved in developing parts for it, the CR-Z market will definitely grow. It’s pretty popular in Japan and it should only be a matter of time before these things make waves stateside…

I would say the video is “pure sex” but I don’t like to use that term because I’ve watched too many adult videos to have any inclination to even know what “pure sex” is… You gotta watch the video though, it’s not sexy in any way but the sound of it is almost like a rhinocerous getting mounted by a mutant giraffe who only eats kimchee quesadillas from the Kogi truck…now imagine Diddy saying…”take that, take that…” with a toothpick in his mouth…yah picture that…


Oh, remember to turn the speakers up…

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  1. it had me going for a while. haha.

  2. i’d commit a suicide if my car sounds like that, fortunately its speed up

  3. The way that supercharged engine pulls sounds hella sick. Looks like thats going to bring the animal out of the CRZ!

  4. Is this real? Jesus..

  5. Thats one serious bit of kit. Now as far as the CR-Z looking like a ladies shaver……………no, just no!

  6. would be awesome if the video wasnt sped up. haha.

  7. ahhhh…I just jizzed in my pants and still had enough time to shart.

  8. O_O whoa…

  9. just speed up a video of a kia rio doing that and it’ll sound the same 😛

  10. Any vids of that that aren’t sped up?

  11. Good meeting you today, Joey.

    BTW, here’s the real time version… slightly less exciting:

  12. could have def gotten away with it if they didnt show the persons hand… but its sped up

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