New 2-Year Anniversary Goods in the Storefront…

Thanks to my boy for the photo. The chrome purple/teal limited edition Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary Edition sticker is now available for purchase in the storefront as well as the “2YRS” decals that were used as parking indicators for the meet. I don’t know why people want those but a couple of you have hit me up about them because they want them as keepsakes and some of you couldn’t make it to the meet but still want the sticker. Anyways, both are up in the store for a limited time. The chrome purple and teal stickers sold like crazy at the meet, I guess people are a big fan of that color combo and honestly, in person, it really pops and they came out better than I thought. Thanks for your support.

The Chronicles Storefront

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  1. Loving the new stuff! Is shipping to Canada going to cost the same?

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