Day 5…

Damn, can’t believe it’s Friday already. Still having issues with the dumb ass internet at this place we are staying at so I gotta make this quick. I just woke up from a 4 hour night of sleep and heading back to SEMA for the final day of coverage. I’m gonna go snap shots of whatever I missed the other days and to bring Tony back to the event so he can pick up his NSX when it ends at 2pm today. Shits crazy over here….probably the best experience I’ve had at a SEMA event so far. Before I go I just wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at the shenanigans that have occurred at the SEMA industry parties…

Here’s a shot of last night’s Falken Tire/Pro-Motion Distributing party at LAX inside Luxor…it was crackin’ in here and insane amounts of dudes. If you were looking to go home with females, SEMA parties were not the spot to be at….haha…

Oh and yesterday, we fuckin met like the tallest dude who ever lived. I don’t know where he came from or what company he worked for but this dude was the tallest fucker EVER. So I had to have Rywire take a picture with him. Sorry that the pic was blurry as shit but that’s just the type of nights we were having. Sunny from Franklin Autobody kept trying to force Vodka Redbull drinks on us and make us take shots with him. The guy is an animal. Only dude I know who orders drinks and tries to tell people that they’re shots…I drank so much Vodka I can’t see out of my left eye and I’m not sure if I have re-gained used of my penis yet… Fuck man, that guy was tall. So tall that the height discrepancy made the camera unable to focus…haha…

Alright, that’s it for now. I try to get back on here and see if the internet is working. Shit I don’t even know if this will post right now but we’ll see!…


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  1. why is Rywire wearing a shirt full of cats??? lol

  2. Dude Ryan looks like Wee-man standing next to that guy.

  3. Good stuff, I wish I could be @ sema, maybe next year, jealous!

    I look forward to more updates, I love following this site.

    One day ill come to the chronicles meet! Until then!


    – Alex

  4. This is irrelevant to my interests.

  5. LOL i cracked up reading the part where you talk about the guy hahaha
    good stuff man

  6. VIP section FTW!

  7. Sunny, thanks to you and that “shot” I almost lost all of my dinner on the way home.

    Good seeing you guys out there, even if it was only for a few seconds.

  8. basketball player from Croatia

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