Giving thanks…

What’s up everyone, I didn’t want to send everyone generic holidays greetings so I figured I’d let you guys come to the site to see the generic holiday greeting instead. I just want to let everyone know that I’m grateful for everything that has come my way this year and the success of the site is made possible only be my supporters and everyone around me. You have all shaped my life in one way or another and have contributed to the direction of this site. 2010 may be coming to a close soon but 2011 looks even more promising as we continue our journey through the life and one of the greatest industries to be a part of. On behalf of the homies who regularly appear on this site, May, and I, I wish you all a safe and plentiful Thanksgiving. People always worry about eating too much or whatever but honestly, who cares. Think of it this way, you should eat as much as you want now and experience these treasured moments with the people you care about because one day, you won’t be able to anymore. It’s better to eat as much as you want now then to think back later on and regret not doing so. Life is a very precious thing, take every moment you have with the ones you love as if it were of the utmost importance. The people in your life are there for a reason, never take them for granted.

Since all this Black Friday business is starting and everyone is going crazy over deals, I thought I’d thank my supporters by doing a Black Friday sale of my own. For those of you who are familiar with QR codes, you take your smart phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc., and you get this app that reads barcodes or QR codes. The image below will send you to an image that includes information on the Black Friday deal for The Chronicles storefront. The discount will only last for a couple of days so jump on it before it’s too late. If you guys don’t have smart phone capabilities, just ask your homies to tell you what the QR code says, it’s pretty easy to figure out….

Enjoy and once again, Happy Thanksgiving…


If you need to, you can read more about QR coding here

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  1. Does Canada count as international? I just got the stickers from you yesterday and I’m thinking of ordering a few more….

  2. Just picked up a shirt and decal. Thanks for the deal and running a kick a$$ site.

  3. Thank you Joey. I hope you had a precious Thanksgiving man. Ill see you soon brother.

  4. Thanks for the killer deal joe, much love from the east coast

  5. i was about to place an order but no more medium t’s.

  6. so much for the notice on the package that says “do not bend”. damn post office bent the shit out of the envelope. looks like ill be ordering more.

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