Work away from work…

Finally had a chance to catch up on sleep last night so I’m feeling pretty refreshed today. Just wanted to stop by and show you guys a pic of the new sticker that I cut for the first time. Just wanted to see how it looked on vinyl and I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’ll look even better on the shirts when I finally get a chance to get them done but for now, all you guys get to see is the sticker. I’ve also taken time to catch up on some of the store orders too so if you guys haven’t received your stuff yet, don’t worry, it’s coming. Work has been pretty good lately and it’s kept me busy but I’ve managed to squeeze time in here and there to do stuff for the site. I finished up the pics of Jared’s S2000 so expect those to go up early in the AM. Also going through the other pics from the other shoot too so those will hopefully be up soon after that. Everything is starting to come together but Wekfest is rapidly approaching so I really need to start grinding these things out. Anyways, time to head out for now but look out for the S2000 pics tomorrow…

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  1. Dude…I’m diggin the new chronicles decal. Good shit man.

  2. Teal please 😀

  3. new stickers look good joey! sunny and i are coming down this weekend, let’s hook up..

  4. Damn I LIKE that. Cant wait to get a couple to add to my collection

  5. looks NICE . imma need some sticks and shirts 🙂 ! LMK when its up so i can purchase em ;D

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