ITR Expo 11 Tentatively Scheduled for Button Willow…

I’m not sure how many of you non-Integra owners out there know about the ITR Expo but it’s a huge annual thing for ITR owners. They are on there 11th year now and while past events have been out in middle America or further east, their committee has decided to do ITR Expo 11 out west in 2011 at Button Willow. I personally don’t follow it very closely because I’ve never attended one or been close enough to even attempt to go but I have written some stuff for Honda Tuning regarding their events in the past. From the pictures I’ve seen and what I’ve read and heard about it, it sounds like an amazing event. I remember my buddy Chris aka CRSFoto shooting the event one year and he had great things to say about it. If it were out here at Button Willow, I would definitely go check it out. Something that has gone on for this many years has to be good and ITR owners seem to be a pretty tight-knit group so it will be interesting to see how the event comes together. It’s not like a one day event either, ITR owners as well as other Integra owners drive out from all over the country to meet  at ITR Expo and to meet one another. They then spend the weekend at the Expo tracking their cars, have instructors to help teach inexperienced guys how to drive, and they also hang out and party with one another. It’s probably a huge sausagefest but I don’t really think ITR guys drive out to hook up with girls. It’s all about meeting one another and getting to know other ITR guys…

The person that passed this on to me asked me to pass on the word that the event is tentatively scheduled for Button Willow but if they don’t generate enough interest in a west coast ITR Expo, there’s a chance it could be cancelled and relocated. I’m sure many of the west coast guys would love to attend this event and having it out west would be refreshing for everyone. I guess they attempted to do it out west once before but it was a failure because of lack of interest. I understand that it’s harder for the guys out east to come because it’s no longer at a “central” meeting point so that’s where the dillemma lies. I honestly don’t know enough about it to really speak on it so I’ll provide you guys with the link at the end so you guys can read all about it on the ITR Expo forums. Apparently there’s been quite a bit of controversy because of the announced location at Button Willow. For me personally, I’d be down to go check it out but it’s only a couple hours for me and not 2100 miles or whatever the case may be for some of the actual ITR owners. Now that I know about it, I’ll see it through and keep you guys updated with the details. Hope all goes well and it does end up on the west coast for a change because I hear the guys out here have fought diligently to have an event on the westside…

I don’t really want to say too much more on it because I don’t have enough of an involvement with the event to offer an honest opinion about it. Personally for me, I’d like to see it come out here but my opinion doesn’t mean much in situations like this. I’ve provided a link below to the actual ITR Expo forum where they discuss the plans for Expo 11 and I’ve also provided another link that leads to another site where someone has actually taken the time to document every ITR Expo since the beginning with pictures and all. It’s pretty cool to see if you have the time to go through all of it…Anyways, for you Integra and ITR lovers, you know what you have to do if you want it out here in Button Willow: SIGN UP and SPREAD THE WORD. That’s all I got to say about it….

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  1. Never thought I’d see a day where my pics were on the chronicles lol. For anyone reading this, Expo is totally worth it. Its a great group of guys and if you’ve never tracked your car before it’s a great environment to start. Expo 9 was my first time tracking and now I’m hooked and do a few events every year. And you always have people down willing to help you learn and help with any problems with your car.

    Put simply, when someone from NY will be there (still not sure if driving or flying yet though), you know it must be something special.

  2. Registered and I’m looking forward to this event! It’ll be my 1st TRACK time with Jasmine Jelly! Hope to see you at this event! Bring your own buns for the sausage fest 😛

  3. The event is definitely worth it. My first Expo was E4 at BeaveRun when I was 17. I’ve been to every Expo since then driving at and sponsoring most of them. If you want to go be sure to register and pay before the deadline so the event will happen.

    Chris @ Whoopee Doo Racing

  4. its such a great event, loved ur coverage last year Keith! im thinking of flying out a week early for Eibach and making it out to go to this event.

  5. Thanks chris, you had some great stuff the year before too. Have they announced the date of eibach yet? If I fly out I’m thinking the same as you and doing both.

  6. Expo 10 was my first one so..If you miss this event you’re missing a big deal!! It’ll be an R overload!!

  7. Official page with info is

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!

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