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It’s pretty apparent that Japan is in a state of emergency and it needs help. So many lives lost with the numbers continuing to grow by the day and so many are still missing. People are displaced and no longer have homes, many who have lost everything that they worked so hard for their whole lives. There are times when everything we do everyday all of a sudden seems so terribly insignificant because of tragic events such as the recent events in Japan. This is going to take quite some time for them to recover and while some may never regain what they lost, every little bit helps and you can help these people. For all the differences we have in the world, we are all human. Just sitting by and watching all this unfold is heartbreaking. Let’s get the ball rolling on this people. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief….Thank you.

American Red Cross: Donate Funds


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