Has it been a week already?…

Yikes seems like only yesterday that I posted up about all the shit that was going on but it’s already a week later. Everything so far is on schedule to be completed, just really trying to focus on doing things perfectly because, well, it’s the Honda issue of Super Street. It’s a once in a year thing and everybody looks forward to it. There’s still a couple more stories that need to be completed this week but for the most part, things are going well. I’ll be back updating as usual this week, I apologize for not being around but I haven’t even had much time to sleep. I took a two hour nap in the afternoon and it almost felt like 3 days worth of sleep, haha. The only free time I had the past week was spent at my friend’s wedding in San Diego. I hadn’t seen her in a while so I wanted to make sure I made it down for her special day. Other than that, during the week I knocked out a couple stories for the next Honda Tuning issue and yesterday I woke up at like 5:30am to shoot Kane Chan’s EJ1 coupe for Super Street. That car is something else man, you guys gotta check it out. It’s got a pretty good story to it because the dude is really one of the OG guys that were doing up Hondas in the 90s. He’s had his coupe since it was new and to this day, the car has remained in immaculate condition at he even participates annually in the Super Street FF Battle. What more can you ask for in a feature car? Another cool thing about it is that Kane has never felt the need to keep up with the current trendy mods. He has hacked his car up or anything just to conform and his car is still very “current” even though he hasn’t changed much since 2003. Every now and then he’ll switch up the wheels which he has a sizable collection of and that’s all…

Here’s a little sneak peek that I snapped during the shoot. Kane had just returned from Vegas the night before so he was a trooper for waking up so early to come shoot. We were on a short deadline so it had to be down, it was cool for him to be down. DPK David and I headed to the spot at around 7:30am and I called Kane to see where he was at and he had literally just woken up because of the phone call. He apologized but he really didn’t have to. The weather conditions called for a cloudy day so I didn’t think that there would be any issues with light but like usual, the weather reports weren’t correct and it ended up being pretty sunny by the time we started. Everything worked out though and the sunlight almost helped out the pics. Kane’s coupe is white anyway so it’s very easy to shoot. The wall had s nice little tone to it so it contrasted with the car well and the pics came out great, in my opinion anyway. I came home and I already went through them and knocked them out. Not much really had to be done, just the usual editing so I’m pretty happy about it. David of course was chatting it up with Kane since they’re the last two EJ1 coupe owners on the planet Earth. They got to talking about everything so it was cool that he was there….

With that said, I can’t say that everything went 100% smoothly. During the shoot I was fumbling around in my pockets looking for my lens cap and this happened…

Fucking busted up my phone that I’ve only had for a couple months. Of course my ass didn’t get insurance either because I’ve never broken a phone before. Serves me right though, ever since I’ve had this thing I’ve been dropping it everywhere and for whatever reason, it didn’t break until yesterday. When I was in Norcal for Wekfest I even dropped that shit in a puddle of water during the storm and the shit was like, literally floating in the water and it survived. When it fell out of my pocket yesterday, it wasn’t even that bad of a fall but the shit just busted. What’s cool is that the phone still works perfectly fine, with full touch-screen functionality and all. I just have to worry about cutting my face every time somebody calls me. I like to live dangerously so holding broken glass up to my face is not really an issue…

Anyways, time for me to get some sleep before I wake up again to work on another story. I’ll be back tomorrow with some stuff. I don’t know what but it’ll be semi-interesting….

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  1. Shit luck right there haha

  2. Kane’s coupe is sick as hell!!

  3. nice 🙂 what kind of strobes are you shooting with Joey?

  4. My coupe is clean too

  5. Dam I went through the same hadn’t had insurance either and till I got a new phone late last year, kanes coupe is an inspiration also have a white ej1

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