Speedhunters’ “West Coast Hondas and that JDM Word” Discussion…

I’m sure you guys have heard me talking about the whole interview thing with Speedhunters a couple days ago and today the whole thing went live on Speedhunters.com. It’s like a round table discussion about the west coast Honda community, how things have changed over the years, and what’s to come in the future. It’s a pretty cool deal to be a part of it and to be considered for the whole discussion is truly an honor, considering the other guys that are on the panel. Check it out and let me know what you think. I wrote a lot more originally but it had to be edited for length, so a lot of the usual shit talking I did was cut out to make me less of an asshole, haha. Anyways, take a look at it and feel free to leave feedback…

Link to Speedhunters’ West Coast Hondas and That JDM Word Discussion…

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  1. That was a good write up . wish I could of read the unedited version but hey we take what we can get . The thing I see keeping the Honda culture together is the true Diehards. Keep up the posts man.

  2. That was really a good read. Our culture has changed and evolved, but that’s what makes it so interresting.

  3. Good discussion. My favorite question was has the Honda scene hit is peak.

  4. That was a great article, cool you get the recognition you deserve man! Keep it up!

  5. have not read it yet… but def. a topic will like to see more of.

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