It’s that time of the month again…

While your ladies are busy taking out their monthly frustrations out on you, you should go pick up the new issue of Honda Tuning magazine. The upcoming issue is loaded with good stuff to look at and even has one of The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas of 2010 in it: the JDMYard K24 Civic hatchback, written by your’s truly…

Here’s a run down of what else is included in this issue…

-Cover car: ’98 spec ITR – born in the U.S., shipped to J’s Racing Japan for a complete makeover, and imported back to the U.S. piece by piece with help from the crew at N1 Concepts. And yeah, the owner kept the B series power under the hood

-The infamous JDM Yard EGK24 from Australia that’s got everyone talking. A street car that’s competitive in Time Attack AND runs 11’s in the quarter mile. It’s the Civic that does it all while still looking good

-Tim Schultz of Hybrid racing and his super clean, green, machine. No bolt left untouched, this is truly a complete ground-up build

-H22 powered ’96 Accord from Florida with all the right touches. Simple, clean, classy – done deal.

-2 best friends from Georgia build 2 generations of Integras that the average builder, working hard and saving up to build their cars piece by piece, will no doubt be proud of

-’01 spec ITR Mugen-clad road racer. coming out of the Circuit Hero camp, Cory Williams’ bright yellow “R” is stocked-up with only the best from front to back, and top to bottom

-So we’ve got road race, drag, and street cars, why not throw in a show car as well? Abraham Ceja’s EH takes influence from street, race, and show groups, as he builds a neck breaker that he’ll be passing down to his son when the time comes.

– ‘Bisi of talks about proper engine management
– unveils their new coil-on-plug conversion kits
– ASC Speed-Metal fabrication takes on Project CR-Z
– Reachin’ Back to the first generation CR-X
– readers rides, questions, and all the rest

Shit is jam packed with stuff to look at! Makes you want to eat like 5 burritos in one day so you can spend 6 hours on the bowl reading this issue and shitting your demons out…

Support print and purchase your copy of Honda Tuning magazine!

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  1. I’ve been waiting for JDMYard’s civic to be featured. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Got it in the mail today. It’s a very good issue, but then again they all are!

  3. I really hate this new format. please change it back. please!!!

    • I really hate this new format. please change it back. please!!!

      by jeller May 4, 2011 at 9:03 pm

      Jeller, add an “s” to the http and you’ll get the original layout

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