Damn, the It’sJDMYo!!! 1-Year Anniversary Meet has come and gone and that shit was totally off the hook. Waaaaayyy better than any of us would have expected and I am really happy for Tony and his crew for being able to pull off such a large scale meet without issue. Things seriously could not have gone any better this weekend and I’m proud of my boy for doing it big and pulling all the stops for a meet that basically turned into a full on free car show. Got some pics of course for all of you to see and that will come this week…

For now I am busy filling out all the orders and trying to get merchandise out to everyone who ordered something within the last couple weeks. Orders would be going out a little faster had it not been for a major component of my vinyl cutter breaking but the part is on order and should be here in the coming days. I’ve managed to fix it with some plastic adhesive which seems to be working well but still, the machine is not working at optimal capacity. Stickers are still coming along fine though in the mean time so that certainly helps with getting orders out…

Anyways, got some stuff to knock out in the early afternoon but the continuing Eibach Honda Meet 2011 coverage will come later today. There are just two parts left and then we can wrap it up and move onto the It’sJDMYo!!! coverage. Thanks everyone for sticking around and bearing with me. Tons of shit are going on over here and I’m actually kinda happy that there aren’t any major events coming up because I would really like to just sit down and chill out for a little bit…

Remember to come back later today and check for Eibach coverage. For now I leave you with a group shot of everyone that was in The Chronicles Hall at the It’sJDMYo!!! Anniversary Meet from this past weekend. Thanks to everyone there for making it the best hall of the event, haha…


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