Orders are on the way…

Gonna just stop by real quick to let you guys know that I’ll be spending the majority of the day going through orders and making sure everybody gets there stuff. I’ve run out of certain sizes of shirts too so if you haven’t received your shirt yet, it’s either on the way or a refund will be coming. Thanks to everybody for their continued support and if you haven’t already checked out Mikeyyyy’s xB, be sure to take a look at that below this post and the 6-part Wekfest LA 2011 coverage…

If you haven’t received your order yet, it’s on the way. I’ve just had some issues with the vinyl cutter acting up as well as waiting on supplies to come in. I’m all stocked up now with vinyl and the machine appears to be running smoothly so orders are coming, sorry for the delay…


5 thoughts

  1. wow good timing on this post lol, i was just going to send you an email asking about the status since it’s been a while. I don’t put any stickers on my car but decided i would give you a nod for the good work, glad i have plenty of patience, can’t wait to get my gold/black one :]

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