August 2011 Honda Tuning Preview…

Just a quick video for you guys today… Check it out, it’s pretty short so it won’t take much of your time. Just a clip of some shots from the upcoming issue of Honda Tuning magazine. It’s a stacked issue and has something for every Honda lover…peep it…

-Cover car: Real SiR/H2B conversion/K series intake mani
-NSX R GT replica complete with ITB’s….SICK!
-supercharged K series Integra
-An EP?! it’s true, and it’s dope
-Puerto Rico is making a name for itself, check out 2 prime examples
-Canadian race-bred S2000
-stealthy black on black coupe
-An Insight with touches of VIP personality?! Yup
-Coverage from Import Alliance, Eibach, CR-Z cat eliminator install and so much more. BUY YOUR COPY and help support print

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  1. Just re-upped my subscription, can’t wait to take a look at that H motor with the K series intake mani. Good shit.

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