The Chronicles Storefront Re-Opened…

Taking a break from coverage updates for a couple hours because I’m busy finishing up some stories for Honda Tuning magazine. In the meantime, I did manage to catch up on all the back-ordered items from the store and have gotten every single order out to people that bought stuff. There are a couple of them there were a few weeks late but with so much going on these last couple weeks with the three shows, merchandise orders were piling up. Those are all mailed out now so thanks everyone for being so patient. I’m having some issues with my vinyl cutter still and when I have a spare moment, I will take it apart again to try to resolve the issue. In the mean time, I have put up whatever I have in the storefront for you guys to purchase. This includes the brand new VERSION II of the popular HURT FEELINGS t-shirts as well as the limited edition “Battleship Grey” Nisei Showoff 2011 Chronicles stickers. Everything in the store right now is available and if you guys have any order that is over $25, I will include a GENERATIONS decal from the Nisei Showoff event…Cop it now, the shirts are like, incredibly limited in availability because I don’t have that many sizes left. Only a couple of each size I believe…


Thanks everyone for their support…Part 1 of the Motion Auto Show Coverage should be up late tonight/early in the AM…

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  1. Is there any chance of you releasing a black with red chrome chronicles vinyl Joey? I would love to put one on my 240. Don’t mean to ask for anything special though, so this is just me kind of asking if you have one in the works or something.

  2. This is Kyle from IA btw. Don’t think I usually comment on here with my wordpress account.

  3. Time for me to place an order

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