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It’s double update day!…haha….If you’re looking for Part 2 of the Rywire ITR Build, provided to you exclusively by The Chronicles, it is directly after this post. I wasn’t going to post this but it was so random and interesting that I thought I would post it up to show you guys. I’m sure you all have heard of Ludacris. For those that don’t, or those who are overseas viewers, Ludacris is a rapper/actor has seen quite a bit of success over the years. He’s basically a household name nowadays and probably has money come out the ass. Well, what’s cool about him is that he still seems to be a very humble dude. He’s got all kinds of cars and a nice house and all that, but you’d be very surprised to hear that he actually still drives around in one of his first cars, which is a 1993 Acura Legend. Yeah, read that again…haha…he still drives his Legend all the time. From time to time, I will go on my Twitter account to go see what’s going on with the people I follow as well as to see how my updates show up on my own Twitter account. Ludacris is actually one of the people I follow because he seems like he’s got a lot of interesting shit going on in his life… Today, he posted this…

Not only does he still drive his Acura Legend, it’s his favorite car to this day with over 231K on the odometer…haha, crazy…

I was curious as to what his Legend looked like, thinking that it would be all “Dubbed-out” on 26-inch wheels or something but I found a video interview of him when he was on the George Lopez show and they actually show a photo of it. It’s actually completely stock and unassuming, which probably helps him get around places without being noticed…Now I think the George Lopez show is fucking garbage and I wouldn’t watch it if it were the only thing on television, but I provided the video to show you guys Luda’s Legend…Feel free to click below to hear him talk about his Acura and how much he loves it…pretty interesting….

Ludacris still drives around in his 1993 Acura Legend…

Thanks for looking…


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