Year.Three…A Chronicles Celebration…

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Today, I would like to formally announce the official date, time, and location for The Chronicles’ 3-Year Anniversary Celebration…Man, I can’t believe that it has already been another year. Seems like only yesterday that we all gathered together at the Eibach Springs facility in Corona, CA for the 2-year anniversary meet which I dubbed “2YRS”. To go with a similar type of theme this year, I will deem this event “Year.Three”….creative right? Haha…with the three and the year…you know… Anyways, this meet will be basically the same format as last year, being that last year’s was so simple and easy to organize. We will be returning once again to the Eibach Springs facility because they have been generous enough to offer the lot to me once again, and because the size of the lot makes it very easy to get cars parked and people inside. The annual Eibach Honda Meet is so successful every year, many of you have become very familiarized with the venue so it should make it very easy for you guys to find. I am making the announcement today because tomorrow will make it exactly one month until the event will take place. Believe me, there’s been quite a bit of planning already and there are some pretty cool ideas floating around in my head so it’s definitely not going to be a last minute thing…

I make the announcement with it being just one month away because like last year, I want to keep this meet relatively small (compared to some other events) and keep it so that the people there are there because they are fans of the site and not merely going just because it’s just some car meet. I want you guys to know that I really do appreciate all your support over the years and I hope you guys respect my wishes and invite people that you know that actually know what The Chronicles is. It’s like bringing some random ass fools to somebody’s party who have no idea who the other person is, you know what I mean? Things will flow much better if we keep it to the people that follow the site, because they know what I’m about and those people know what type of attitude I expect from people. The lot was kept very clean last year, everyone was respectful to one another, and the meet was just a overall great time. If you plan on bringing some friends, please let them know that I don’t want them to act a fool, or to bring a dog and allow it to shit on the floor without anyone picking it up, or to change their babies or some shit and leave the diaper on the floor. I hate that shit, and the people over at Eibach hate that shit even more, because we have to clean that shit up and I don’t pick up shit for my own friends let alone some stranger…

I will be adding a couple new things this year just to make it more fun but for the most part, it will be very much the same as 2YRS. May will be making her treats once again for everyone to enjoy so make sure to say thanks to her for slaving away in the kitchen to put snacks together for you guys. I will also have a very small number of vendors this year as well who are hand-picked by me, who I feel have supported my site since the early days. Please don’t hit me up for a vendor spot. If I want to have you there, I will ask you personally. I think also that I might even throw out a couple awards this year like “Best of” or “Best Engine Bay” or some shit, I’m still working on the final details on that. As for parking, it will be the same as last year, parking around the rest of the Eibach lot is free, but if you want to park up front, there will be a fee. It won’t be a crazy amount like a car show or whatever, but this helps in the organization process of parking cars as well as paying for various things for the meet, like port-a-potties, materials for certain things, etc. Again, it is up to you if you choose to park in the front. IT IS YOUR DECISION TO MAKE, so don’t fucking bitch about having to pay for a parking spot. It’s going to be a decently-sized meet so parking will be limited. If you want to act like an asshole, believe me, you will be asked to leave promptly. As for it being an “only Honda” affair, like last year, it won’t be but the ones that aren’t are usually friends of the site or heavy supporters. If you guys know me or are friends with the other homies who are basically a part of The Chronicles family, then by all means, you are invited…

I will post up more details as I get to them. I’m currently down in SD attending to some personal matters but I will post up a FAQ section like last year when it’s ready….

Thanks for looking, and I hope to see you there on October 22nd….


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  1. YAY! Just a week before SEMA. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

  2. Can’t wait to show up to this will be the first year I actually get to attend hopefully I can drive my car out there….

  3. Fuckin A, AZ in the house.

  4. Cant wait to see the pics from this event! Happy 3 years Joey! Hope this is just the beginning of many more to come!

  5. WOW! time does fly by. Feels like 2yrs was just not too long ago.

  6. Siiiick time goes fast, can’t wait to see the sticker version for the anniversary

  7. Congrats bro I hope its a good turn out.

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