Thanks YouTube…

I really would have enjoyed posting up this update for you guys today but thanks to YouTube, and probably my lack of understanding of how to upload videos correctly, I ran out of time and won’t have this completed for you until early tomorrow. While it would have been easier to just post it up as soon as I was done, I really don’t like to post updates past 8pm because then we’re in some random ass place where it’s not today and not tomorrow… and I like to be organized to some degree…

Anyways, it’s a pretty good update…Got a lot of good photos of the Tactical Art cars that haven never hit the web as well as some videos that they sent me a while back. I don’t want to separate the videos from the photos because then the posts are divided and hard to find later on…seriously, it’s a good update though. Buuutttt, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see it…Thanks YouTube.


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  1. Well crap! Jk man, gives me something else to look forward to tomorrow.

  2. sweet some Tactical Art content! cant wait! btw the blue links are rape on my eyes dude

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