Do Work.

Shot two days before Christmas, in the middle of nowhere hours away, on a morning when it was so cold that the water in the dirt tire tracks was frozen ice…it was definitely a interesting morning for sure. I worked through the holidays and am now finishing up the story now (it’s around 3:30am)…During the last couple days, I also finished up another shoot/story where I rented a car and drove out hours away to San Luis Obispo, CA to meet a fellow enthusiast who drove out from Washington state. I also have a loving girlfriend who is my heart and two separate families that we had to go make time to see during the holiday weekend as well as friends who are important to me. It would have been very easy to just refuse work, rest, and hang out  for the holidays, but this work isn’t going to do itself. You know what I mean?

This is a random ass post, but it’s been brought to my attention that there are some kids out there who are drowning in self-entitlement, chomping at the bit to critique and speak ill of others when they have nothing to show for themselves. These individuals aren’t talking about me, but I’ll use myself as an example to show you that there are people out there grinding and working their asses off to make something of themselves. Not hype-beasting, gathering Facebook friends, and using other people’s content to make themselves “known”. It’s a shame that you can even try to tell someone that they aren’t doing something correctly when you haven’t figured out how to do it on your own. It’s a shame that there are some kids out there these days that have replaced humility with self-entitlement and the glorification of pride that’s never been earned. To have humility, to be a humble human being, is not something you can wait in line to buy like a fucking pair of Concords….it has to be LEARNED.

It’s very easy to criticize the work of others, but appreciate the dedication to their craft. I may not be the best around, but I fucking love my job. Go blog about THAT….“Things may come to those who wait…but only the things left by those who HUSTLE.”

Closing out the year with a bang. Thanks for looking, and thanks for your support…

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  1. amen brother. kids nowadays!

    maybe i’m just old (32) but “these kids” irritate the fk out of me. maybe it’s the parents,friends, etc. but please have some respect for people.
    ironic because i do know some outstanding young people from my weekly b-ball pick up games (who seem to be the minority now).

    glad my wife and daughter are there to keep me sane or else i’d go ape shit @ “these kids”!

    keep up the awesome job sir. love the WORK you put in.

  2. simple and clean, check your email please. Thanks

  3. I agree with u guys. Kids these days. All they learn is what they see and read. I feel bad for the next generation of kids. Believe what they read and see only. What happened to actually doing it on your own making mistakes and learning, growing from it? Its like kids these days that say what a car should or shouldn’t have. To do or what not to do to it. Most of these shit heads don’t even have enough years or experience in working or “building” a car. Us old school guys started from the ground up. And we do it because we are passionate about it. Wedon’t because its cool or to get attention. All the posting Facebook twitter shit is just blah. These days its jump on the bandwagon that’s it. Only a select few will be creative and build awesome or one off or groundbreaking cars. The rest just do what is cool. Joey I like that u r real and u keep things the way messing with cars should be. Kids need to stfu and learn from the elders before them. Earn the fucking respect. Not talk shit but give credit where it is due. Happy new yr fellas and fuck the young disrespectful kids. They need a fucking beating to learn.

  4. Well. F@kin. Spoken. Ive followed your blog for the better part of a year and since I spontaneously found it, I make an attempt to check into the realest scene-related posts/pix almost daily. ThANK you for your absolute, unabridged dedication to one of the toughest scenes in the auto industry….just to feel unique in the Honda game is a difficult task nowadays…. and I found this out two yrs ago when I bought the coupe. Its nice to read your posts from the East coast and feel involved…even when I put my wife and kids first and may need to wait an add’l year for that k-swap.

    Today when I read that, it was perfect for my situation…Ill try to keep the long story short, but I sell for At&t, been doing cell repairs for 2 yrs at home and my manager (a younger self diluted brat) starts doing these cell repairs OUT of the SAME store we work in. Who gets the credit constantly while I watch? Who’s making the sales on top of scoring good coin? Yup…not the underdog. Im sure fate’s in my favor someday, but damn is it hard to watch the “kid” (hes 4 yrs younger) gettin all the cred and running the flapper about my skills. Wow.

    I’ve been a wrenchhead for along time and nothing feels bettter than using my own hands to massage out the dent, or change my coilovers on my ej coupe on the dirt….but when kids take over and steal the fire, the wind from your sails, the bacon to your BLT, whats one to do to save pride, to maintain a sense of ethic….Joey, I commend you for your dedication. Thanks for everything you do..the internet wouldnt be the same without ya. Im sure this rediculous post is totally irrelevant. I appologize but wanted to relate to your issue…haters gon’ hate (I hear)

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