Happy New Year…

What’s up guys, I know it’s been a little slow over here this week but that’s because I’ve been busy finishing up work for Super Street and also because I’ve been trying to figure out this whole Top Ten Hondas list for 2011. I started compiling a list of cars a couple months back for potential cars that would make the list and now I can honestly say that I am happy with my picks. The main issue that I’m having to deal with at this point is what order the cars should go in and who goes in what place. Last year, it was much easier because their were some clear cut builds that belonged at the top. 2011 has been a much more well-rounded year. There were definitely some stand-out builds, but I feel like there wasn’t like, one guy that really stood out above the rest of the crowd, you know what I mean? The cars were great, but the level and quality of the builds seem to be pretty even across the board. If I can’t decide on which build is “better” than the other, I then have to take into consideration how much impact each owner/car had on the community as well as how many events and appearances it made during 2011. It’s tough because there are some Hondas in regions where they don’t have a lot of events and certain parts of the country have way more going on than others. Take for example, the number of great builds that come out of Washington up in the Northwest. The quality is right up there with any other state, but they just don’t have any events. They have meets here and there but it is few and far between. That being the case, then you have to think about how often you see these cars on the net, and even that is a toss-up….

Ehh, it’s going to be tough but the list should be finalized by the new year, like it has been for the past 2 years. I want to say I have about 12-14 cars right now with a couple having to be cut off the list, then I will have to arrange them from 10-1. I started working on the graphics and photos for the list already so that won’t take up too much more time. I already know that there will be some cars that won’t make the list that some of you will complain about but the cars that made the list, made it because they fit my criteria of what I’m looking for. That and there were a couple builds that were great, but didn’t come out until later on in the year. This is the Top Ten Hondas of 2011, not the “Top Ten Hondas of 3 Months Ago”…

On another note, December marks the greatest statistical month we have ever had on The Chronicles. We broke the record for hits in a month a couple hours ago and we still have one more day left in December. It’s been a great year, thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to what is in store for 2012…Happy New Year’s everyone and keep an eye out for the Top Ten Hondas of 2011!!

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  1. I look forward to seeing the list that you come up with.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on the growth and the record-breaking month. I’m happy and proud to see the progression, as an enthusiast and as your friend.

  2. Congrats on record breaking month!
    Been a big fans for this blog for a while.
    Bring on 2012!
    Happy New year from Australia!

  3. i love EG Civic hatchbacks, you rock homie, keep up the witty blogs and excellent photos ….. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was the best movie i ever saw (random thought)

  4. great work man!.. i support your page all the way from mexico, this is amazing

    great job!

  5. awaiting the list! big ups to the chronicles. i hope my fellow hawaii s2ki’ers hit up the blog as much as i do 😛
    happy new year to you and yours sir! wishing you a prosperous 2012.

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