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While I’m busy working on all these orders from, I thought I’d take this time today to show you guys a video that I feel is pretty inspirational and educational for us automotive enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what your background is, how you got into cars, or what style you prefer when modding your vehicle. This documentary right here puts a lot of things into perspective and really gives you guys a good idea of what goes on inside the heads of some of the most famed tuning personalities in Japan. I loved everything about it and it reminded me of why I am such a huge fan of the Japanese automotive tuning community. There are so many great quotes in here that I think we can all apply to our ideas of car modification. There are trends that come and go, and there are always going to be certain styles or way of doing things that we don’t agree with. That’s okay because not everyone has to agree with one another. What we should do however, is learn to appreciate the work behind each vehicle build and understand the thought process that went behind them. It’s okay to express an opinion or pass along an honest thought as long as we get past the ignorance and attempt to understand before we speak…

I invite you to take some time and to watch this video in full. I guarantee you’ll learn something. You’ll even see some familiar faces in this video and get to hear their personal ideas on why they do what they do to cars…

My favorite quote from this documentary…

“History makes its choices, bad cars disappear. But those that are still around have originality and value…”

Enjoy… (Watch it here or click on the “Vimeo” link to experience it in high definition)

That’s all for today, class dismissed.

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  1. A truly amazing documentary! loved every second of it, that’s for sharing.

  2. Reblogged this on Word Junkie… and commented:
    This is not me. I dislike being a parasite. Yet I believe I would have to forgo my stern ‘values’ now and then.
    We start a blog, imagine it being authentic, all original pieces. But (sigh!) there are a few things that just cannot be bested.
    The automotive world is always full of surprises. You think you have it figured out and… Boom! There goes your ‘smart ass’ attitude. I am a buff. It would be akin to sin to have viewed this all by myself and not spread the good word. I am not a sinner.
    Revel in the work of the Masters!
    Classics ( not much of a fan before this) have never looked soo good. Treat yourself I say to a slice of history people.

  3. Do you know where else you can find the the documentary? It got deleted off Vimeo.

  4. the video has been removed

  5. Coming to this site is like going to class. Always learning something with your updates.

  6. damn, it’s not online anymore. there is a low quality version on youtube

    but i’ve seen some infos now on

    i need to watch this in HD. i hope i find it…

  7. Yeah if anyone has the link please post

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