No One Likes The Tuna Episode 2…

We’re gonna take a quick break from the USDM Jam Ver. 10 coverage for today because I actually have some work to do on one of my cars and it would take me a couple hours to put a post together with all the info I’d like to give you guys. It’s been raining over here the last few days and I’d like to take advantage of whatever sunlight I have left today to actually knock out some stuff on my Odyssey. I’m sure you guys will understand, it is every day car life after all. In any case, there is still a ton of coverage to come for the rest of the week so make sure to come back for that.

Instead of posting up some more coverage, we’re gonna take a look at some video. Tony from It’s JDM Yo! has been thinking about putting a YouTube/iTunes podcast style of show for awhile now but timing just hasn’t been right. Well, we finally managed to get it together and started filming recently. If you guys follow the site regularly, then you’ll know about the debacle that was the first pilot episode that we filmed and Tony ultimately made the executive decision to not air it at all. If you wanna read more about it to refresh your memory, I posted up some behind-the-scenes coverage up on the site last week. CLICK HERE if you want to check it out. It was just a little too rough to air so Tony decided to film another episode with a better overall layout and presentation. We also brought in a guest and also brought model Jenn Q back because we didn’t want her efforts to go wasted since we didn’t air the original episode she was in. She was super tired that day from shooting for Super Street already but she’s a real trooper and decided to tough it out for us and filmed…

This is still an ongoing thing and I understand it may not be for everyone, but if you have those moments when you are bored and just want to see what is going on with us, please do check it out. The show will consist of our observations in the import community, what goes on in our daily lives, and just any pop culture stuff that we want to discuss. It is still a very organic process but we will come up with better ideas and improvements every episode. We kind of just did it for fun but if people dig it, that would be pretty cool. If you guys know me, you know that I am usually the one that prefers to stay behind the camera and do the work instead of doing a whole lot of talking in front of a camera. I wanted to help Tony out and provide some insight on stuff that I have a good understanding of so I decided to be in front of the camera for once. I think the comfort level will improve as time goes on but I’m honestly surprised by how comfortable I was already. It’s just kind of weird hearing your own voice because it’s never how you think it’s supposed to sound but hey, we will all adjust, haha. Anyways, check out the three-part episode below. If you guys have questions you wanna ask, don’t be afraid to email us and we will try our best to answer them when we film out next show. Thanks for looking and I hope you subscribe to the channel for future updates. Thanks…

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  1. This is great coverage of this event. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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    This is amazing coverage of the USDM Jam in Japan.

  3. Thanks a lot guys!!! You got me hooked on the treasure hunt Hot Wheels hunt. Now every time I see Hot Wheels I look through all the boxes for them!!!

  4. I watched all three parts in a row. I think with some polishing this show will be sick. The group of you are funny and talk about the most random things. Maybe break it up into better sorted segments, have themes for the week, and maybe throw some coverage/interviews at a show or race. I know, first episode, I’m sure you all will figure it out. Keep up the good work. Aloha.

  5. Damn, forgot to mention one last thing. Joey, print that sticker with the Ahi and the red circle/cross!!!

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