It may seem like I haven’t been doing much since it is the holiday season, but I’ve actually been busy as shit lately. Not only did I have some work to complete for a couple of the magazines I work for, I’ve also been busy putting together my new private office and shop space. There’s been a lot of clean-up and painting and what not to prepare for the move-in process and I’m pretty stoked to finally have my own space to work in that isn’t my bedroom. I’ve enjoyed working out of my room over the years but I just felt like it was time for me to expand since I’m running out of space and need room to store merchandise and what not. That and I wanted my bedroom to feel like a “bedroom” again. This way I can further differentiate myself from work and home since I constantly feel like I’m trapped in my own bedroom. Now I can go to the shop whenever I need to get my shit done and then come home and sleep like a normal person….


Photo by Doug Salguero.

The space was necessary also for me to finally have a storage area for my Q45. It’s been sitting outside all these years and I just much rather have it indoors to preserve its good state. HeyMikeyyyy jumped in to get the space with me so we’ve been working on getting the place to look nice so we can get our cars and shit in there. So far it’s coming along. With the help of some great friends, we already have the place painted and I just spent most of the afternoon cleaning the carpet. It still needs quite a bit of work but it is getting there. I’m pretty proud of how much progress we’ve made in such a short amount of time. I’ll give you guys an update when I finally get the place decent enough for photos. The spot isn’t meant to be a public place or anything so making it look good is purely for personal satisfaction. I won’t even tell people where it is because I’d rather keep it incredibly low-key. Anyways, I’ll show you guys later how it all comes together. For now, I’m gonna enjoy some time off for the night and relax. It’s been a long day…

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  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good look joey, well deserved my man!

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