Q&A With StickyDilJoe….

What’s up everyone! I wanted to try something a little different recently so I made the decision to do a Question/Answer post on my various social media outlets. I noticed that people would ask me questions on occasion and some of them were actually pretty good. There are times when I’ll miss out on the questions altogether because they don’t pop-up on my “notification” list since it is constantly moving. Well, I wanted to give you guys a chance to have some answers to some of your queries so the other day, I decided to let people ask whatever they wanted online, and I would answer them on Friday. I didn’t expect this many questions so it took some time for me to answer, but I have answered them to the best of my ability. There were also duplicate questions of different people asking me the same thing so I’ve omitted those and consolidated them into one. I tried my best to get every question but there might have been some that I may have missed. If people actually care to read this and are interested in my answers, maybe I’ll go ahead and do another one soon. For now, enjoy reading through the myriad of questions and what I have to say about them. I left it pretty open so I allowed people to ask whatever they wanted so there are some interesting questions below. Enjoy it for what it is and if you have something to ask me, don’t be afraid to ask.

Below are the questions in the order in which they were asked the other day….

“What would be a good first car?”

That would depend entirely on what you plan to do with the car and what you would use it for.

“What does DPK stand for?”

The original meaning of ‘DPK’ was ‘Dipped Parts Krew’, even though it later had many different meanings depending on who you asked.

“When u gonna build a k series CB7?”

With very little space, not a whole lot of time, and not a whole lot of money, probably never.

“What’s the story behind your username?”

‘StickyDilJoe’ was just my original AOL Instant Messenger screen name back in the day and it just kind of stuck over the years. There’s no special meaning behind it other than I was a dumb kid who had to come up with a screen name for the internet.

“Have you ever thought of turning The Chronicles into a magazine, despite the down fall of Honda Tuning and Import Tuner??”

I don’t have the adequate resources to produce a print magazine on my own. It all sounds really nice but it just doesn’t make sense to turn this into a print magazine at the moment.

“Joey, as someone who aspires to be an automotive journalist, what is your advice? With so many prints going under and more attention being paid to online blogging, is automotive journalism even something one should consider going for or is it too much of a pipe dream at this point??”

I believe that if you truly have a passion for something, there shouldn’t be anything that can prevent you from pursuing a dream. Whatever it may be, if you put time and dedication into it, there will eventually be a pay-off.

“What is #rawheart?”

‘Raw Heart’ is Pure Spirit.

“@stickydiljoe want some #Kleenest gear?”


“When are you coming down to Australia?”

When someone decides to pay me to go down there, haha. I’d love to visit but it just isn’t in my budget or plans at the moment.

“How do you pick the places to shoot the cars for magazine features? Look for any landmarks or just something that catches your eye that would look good when paired with the car?”

I just look for locations that catch my eye and are wide open enough for me to capture different angles of the cars I am shooting without other cars or unwanted objects getting into the shot. I don’t believe landmarks are a good idea because they are too easily recognizable and can end up being a distraction from the subject matter. 

“Honest opinion,how do think the east coast builds and west coast build match up? What do you see as the strong and weak points for both? I have heard before that the east coast is behind.”

In the last couple of years, it would appear to me that the East Coast is a little behind. Not because the cars are not good enough but because it seems like the enthusiasts are younger and are into trends and what is popular on the internet. There are some great builds out east but as a whole, I do think that the West is better. Both have strong points and weak points as well but, especially in the Honda community, the enthusiasts out here are older and have more experience in the genre. The guys out East seem to be better equipped to build fast, high-horsepower vehicles. If you want to talk about style and overall execution, I prefer the West. I don’t even think that there is really a comparison at the moment because it is so different on both coasts. It is apples to oranges. They’re just not the same thing. And this is coming from someone who has been all over the country. 

“if I’m looking for a solid DD and part time track whip, (not drift) would you suggest an S2K or FRS? Or is the FRS just too weak? (I don’t want to run an engine swap). It’s just hard to find an unmolested S2K anywhere.”

Let’s be honest, neither are really fast. If you’re looking for something affordable, I would get an S2000. The FR-S platform is cool but I don’t believe there are enough mechanical upgrades at the moment for it to really make the car competitive.

“Is Japan night life as amazing as it looks in pictures/videos?”


“I guess two, do you have a North American tone in your voice? Which would lead to the second on just how well you feel accepted in the less tourist more rural areas of Asia, especially the kanjo racers you interviewed??”

I really don’t know what a North American tone sounds like since I’m always around people who speak the same way. As for your second question, I have a translator who does my speak for me when I’m in places like Japan so my accent, whatever it may be, does not make much of a difference.

“Dukes or Miracle Whip?”

I’m not sure what Dukes are and I don’t use Miracle Whip at all.

“Can you hook me up w/car parts? Serious question.”

No. Serious answer.

“What do you like most about photography and any advice for beginners?”

I like that there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do photography. It is a creative process that is really left up to the person holding the camera. Anything artistic is great because it isn’t bound by the limitations of right or wrong. As far as advice goes, all I can tell you is to keep shooting and shooting. The more you do it, the more you learn.

“top or bottom?”

Bottom otherwise I might kill her.

“Do you plan on posting coverage of track events on the site?”

I’ve never been against it. I just don’t do it because it doesn’t seem to peak the interest of the majority of my audience. In the past, any time I’ve posted track coverage it hasn’t done really well. Of course, if there is something interesting I’d love to post it. There also seems to be some sort of jealousy or angst that exists with some track guys that love to hate on car show stuff and anything related to it. These are the guys who think they are better than any show car guy because they track their cars and are cool within their own clique of race car friends. I’d love to shine more light on track stuff but I support those who support what I do, and I don’t think very many of these people support my efforts so I’d rather do what really peaks my interest. 

“How’d you do it and how could anyone get started in the industry?”

I just did. I got into the industry through hard work and dumb luck I guess. If I can do it anyone can.

“What got you into photography and what was your inspiration? My peers and father tell me if I love photography so much. I should pursue it but I dont know the potential for photographers and how successfully it could be. Thanks, Conner.”

I got into photography originally because it was just easier for me to get work that way and to supply content for my site. A couple years ago, I had no idea how to even use a camera. I just picked it up one day and taught myself. If I didn’t learn how to shoot, there would be no content for this site and it wouldn’t be where it was today. If you love photography, just keep on doing it. If you put effort into anything with a good amount of passion, someone out there will notice. How successful you are in the future with it depends entirely on how much work you want to put into it.

“Can I get a photo session? Lol”

That would depend on what I was shooting. I can be pretty expensive though 😛

“What made you become a photographer/how long? And how did you get into hondas? I love your blog by the way lol”

I got into photography because I had to. If I was going to build content for The Chronicles, I had to learn how to use a camera. I’ve been shooting actively since early 2009. I got into Hondas just because I was always a fan of the Hondas that I saw in magazines and I wanted to build one eventually, and I did.

“Will you be at Wekfest East?”

Yes, I definitely will be.

“Why are you mostly a Honda enthusiast?”

I am a car enthusiast. I love Hondas because of the people that I met during my time spent building a Honda. I believe that they are incredibly dynamic vehicles to build and there is so much you can do with them.

“When will hoodies be available? Lol”

Probably during the winter time. It’s way too hot for hoodies right now.

“How many licks does it take til you get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?”


“What happened to Phaze 1?”

It failed miserably.

“What’s your next build?”

I don’t really know since I’m not really looking to build anything else at the moment.

“What’s ‘Raw Heart’?”

It is what it is.

“Anymore Kanjo stuff coming?”

Yes, but sparingly since people don’t seem to really understand it and some just want to talk shit about it.

“What happened to the video that was supposed to come out on YouTube that was a teaser for Kanjo Racing about a month or 2 ago?”


“When are stickers going back up?”

Hopefully soon.

“How do you come up with a story for magazine features? I always wonder that.”

The stories that I come up with depend entirely on the back stories that the owners tell me and the information they provide me with about their cars. Otherwise I’d have to fabricate something completely false and I don’t like to do that because I think it takes away from the builds themselves. There are times when car owners don’t provide any useful information and then I have to pull whatever I can from what they told me and turn it into a story. It’s definitely not the easiest job in the world but someone has to do it.

“What’s ‘Raw Dog’?”

Actively participating in sexual intercourse without the use of any contraceptives. Example: “Do you use a condom, or do you ‘raw dog’ it?”

“Camera setup?”

Canon 5DMKII

“How does your girlfriend feel about you being vocal about your porn? Lol”

She doesn’t mind at all. We are in a mature, grown-up relationship and it is understood on both sides that we can say and do as we please (within reason of course). I wouldn’t be with anyone who thinks that they can restrict me from saying anything. If you don’t have a sense of humor about it, then we don’t belong together. 

“What camera gear do you use? Canon, nikon? Full frame? And what lens do you prefer?”

I use a Canon 5DMKII. My preferred lens is a 24-70mm f/2.8L MKII.

“how do I get my coupe featured in a magazine? Placing twice at both wekfest events I think its proved to be worthy and people that have seen it I hope would say the same …”

Winning at Wekfest doesn’t necessarily dictate whether or not a car is deserving of a feature in a magazine. What you have is a very unique style of build that I don’t know would necessarily fit in a magazine because a broad audience wouldn’t really understand it. Just keep doing what you do and if it happens, it happens. If it were up to me I wouldn’t mind featuring it, but at the end of the day, it’s not up to me…

“Can you teach me your ways?”

The game is to be sold, not told.

“How do I get IG followers? Hahahahah”

Nevermind getting more, give me back the ones you already took from me!

“Who is/was your biggest inspiration for you to get started in the Honda scene?”

That’s hard to say. I think there were a lot of different builds over the years that inspired me to build a Honda. I don’t know if there was a car or guy who inspired me to build my Accord when I first got into Hondas. I just built the car because it was available to me. Everything I learned, I learned from observation. There weren’t very many Accord builds out there that really made me want to mimic what they did so I did it my own way.

“Do you like bacon?”

Does anyone NOT like bacon?

“Will there be more episodes of ‘No One Likes The Tuna’?”

I really don’t know. It was fun but I don’t think we really have the time to do it nowadays. I’d love to do a podcast or something similar to it though, but with better execution and equipment.

“Ass or titties? Be honest.”

Ass. But I think more so because I am a leg man. Titties are great too but I think it might be an Asian thing. Asian women aren’t really known to have really big breasts so I appreciated what was presented to me, haha. That and living in Los Angeles has proven that you can simply go and buy some titties (which I do not mind at all, haha). A really nice ass is special. 

“Why you no follow back?”

If I followed everyone back that followed me, my IG would freeze every time I opened it. That and I have very odd interests so I wouldn’t follow everyone back anyways.

“Do you have any pics of the Camry you used to have back in the day? I remember you posted it waaaay back on cb7tuner around 2005ish.”

I don’t unfortunately. My PC crashed a couple years ago and I lost all of my photos. You don’t want to see that thing anyway, trust me, haha…

“Are you the stickiest diljoe to ever stick?”

Quite possibly.

“Your latest build with the red Integra, why stay with USDM front end instead of JDM? How long do you think this wire tuck phase will last?”

That Integra you are referring to is not my car, it belongs to Phaze2 HeyMikeyyyy. He chose to stay true to the original vehicle and always loved the USDM bug-eye front end.

I don’t believe the ‘wire tuck phase’ is really a ‘phase’. I see it more as a standard for how things are done these days with our cars and I don’t see it going anywhere.

“Hey @stickydiljoe was there at any point in time where you really felt like you were getting too old for the ‘scene’? (Love your stuff btw, hope you never do).”

Nope. Though sometimes I feel old when I see some of the latest trends and fads that I really don’t understand. If you’re a true car guy you should never feel old because you’re doing something you love. As Big Mike would say, “I’m a lifer”.

“Did you ever figure out the shake with your Odyssey? Oh and who was your biggest influence to get you where you are today??”

Yeah it was just a combination of things that needed my attention.

As far as biggest influence in getting where I am today, that’s a really good question. I grew up loving websites like JTUNED and DOHCresearch so those were huge inspirations to me. These sites paved the way for automotive media in our community long before Speedhunters came around. If there was an individual who I would call in inspirational figure, it would probably be my friend Rodrez. He taught me a lot over the years and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without his knowledge.

“Smash or pass? Talking about me.”

Pass, I never see you anymore.

“Do you miss me when I’m traveling?”

I miss you even when you’re not traveling.

“What’s your favorite car of all-time?”

I don’t really know. If you’re talking about favorite car from the factory, I’m not sure and if you’re asking what my favorite build is of all-time, there would be too many to just name one.

“Have you ever worked or done a shoot for an SC400 with the 1UZ-FE in it????”

That’s a very specific question. No, I don’t believe I have.

“Why don’t YOU like the tuna?”

There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.

“What do you look for in a car when doing a photoshoot at events?”

Quality of parts and overall execution. You can’t have one without the other.

“Are you ever going to come to Miami, Florida? Not Orlando but Miami.”

Yes, for Wekfest Miami. I don’t have anything against Orlando but I’ve never been there before either.

“What are your favorite things to do in Osaka?”

Eat and hang out with my Osaka friends.

“Do you like chick’s with knee-high stockings?? Hehe :)”

Only when I was in high school and their name was Ginger, haha.

“Why did you choose to build an Odyssey??? What’s with the ‘no rival no equal’ quote? And what inspired you to become a freelance writer? :)”

I built an Odyssey because I’ve always been a fan of the Accord platform but I needed a car that was big enough for me to transport camera gear and merchandise. It just made sense because it was the closest thing to a car even though it was a mini-van.

No Rival, No Equal comes from the idea that I don’t believe there is anyone else like me in this industry.

I became a freelance writer because writing has always just come naturally to me. I barely even went to school to learn anything about writing. I remember one of my college professors told me once that I would never be a successful writer if I was just doing it to make money. I set out to prove him wrong. I won. 

“Is there any future plans on your own print publication? (i.e. Iamspeedthehunter book) Great coverage of the Kanjo racers! Would you ever consider creating a documentary about the import sub culture?”

A documentary sounds found. I’m working with BOWLS Films to cover different aspects of import car culture, but I think it is too broad to just do one piece on our culture. It wouldn’t do it justice. Print also sounds fun too but it just isn’t feasible with the current state of things.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Is that a ‘Frozen’ reference or are you asking if I want to create a cocaine distributor?

“Could you tell me how rare Top Fuel Type R intakes and DC2 Vision Technica mufflers are?. I have searched and searched but found nothing and I consider you one of the best people to ask.”

I don’t believe they are terribly rare but I could be wrong. 

“How much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood??”


“Hello, I’m wondering what are you looking at or for in a car you are judging in a show or when choosing a car to photograph? Thanks.”

Quality of parts and overall execution. You can’t have one without the other.

“How can I shoot for you guys or stickydiljoe.com?”

I prefer to shoot all my own stuff unless there is an important event that I can’t be present for. There are only a handful of guys who I really trust to cover events for me because I don’t believe a whole lot of people can cover an event with the amount of detail as me.

“Have you ever shot a car for a magazine that you feel had no business being in one?”

I’ve encountered cars in the past that I’ve denied working with because I didn’t feel like they had any business being in a magazine. As far as writing a story for some of these cars, yes. I’ve had a couple of occasions where I wrote a story for a feature that I felt wasn’t deserved.

“How come the CD5 chassis is famous for its touring days, but doesn’t get as much recognition as it used to?”

Because people stopped caring about Touring Cars. That and Accords never had the same amount of aftermarket support because it wasn’t a popular platform for younger enthusiasts to build of off. The guys who built Accords mostly used them as stepping stones to move onto something else when they had better resources to build something else.

“How did you get your initial opportunity to work for Super Street?”

I started doing work for Honda Tuning a couple years prior and it helped get my foot in the door. I think running The Chronicles helped too since the editor at the time was familiar with it already.

“What did you want to be when you were growing up?”

I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it. I was an underachiever that didn’t really set any goals, sadly. I didn’t really ‘grow up’ until much later on in early 20s. I think I was too busy trying to live life than to really plan out the rest of it.

“Do you wear your shoes inside the house? Seriously.”

I’m Asian. Of course not.

“What is the favorite car you shot and where at?”

It is hard to pinpoint a favorite because I’ve shot a lot of really great builds over the years. I guess if I had to pick it would probably be any of the Hondas that I shot during my last trip to the Pacific Northwest. I believe the stuff I captured up there was my best work to date.

“Are you gonna be bummed when the shirt I wear to the BBQ makes everyone self-combust because of its awesomeness?”

I expect nothing less than for you to show up and blow my mind.

“What’s a good website to order front and rear bumpers, spoilers, etc.?”

I wish I knew man.

“How do you maintain your devilishly good looks over the years?”

I woke up like this.

“What’s your motivation? What keeps you wanting to do things to your car? WHat gives you inspiration?”

My motivation comes from always wanting to see something new and different. I love cars and everything about our car culture that I want to continue to push it forward. I’m inspired by the idea that I can capture our history so that we can look back on it in the future and appreciate the people that helped shape our culture. I continue to do things to my car because I’m a diehard car guy and just love the hobby.

“As you previously owned a cb7 before, I was wondering if you had problems with the front upper control arm when lowered? Mine constantly hits the tower frame after every bump since im rolling with spc balljoint camber kit and neuspeed lowering springs and koni yellows. Thanks in advance. :)”

No, I never ran aftermarket balljoints or a camber hit so I didn’t have to worry about it hitting the shock towers. I also ran coilover suspension as well so it was fully adjustable. I have problems with my Odyssey now but that has more to do with the design and suspension geometry.

“Will there be an honorable mention Honda list for 2013?”

Probably not. It is a little too late in the year now to revisit that.

“Did you actually like everything you ate in Japan?”

Actually, yes I did.

“I’m interested in some license plate frames and stickers, will there be some in the near future?”


“are you regretting this now that you see all the questions?”

Sort of.

“When are you turning May into Mrs. Stickydiljoe? Seriously though, you are one of the hardest working out at the meets and you always have your crews dpk/phaze2 assist you, but does this life ever affect “Joey” on a personal level? Is it tough juggling both lives with the late nights of posts and early morning meets?”

I believe I will know when the time is right. We are concentrating on being better people and better individuals who can provide a better life for one another.

There are times when I need to figure out a way to juggle the late nights and early morning events but it isn’t a problem really. I live for the excitement and the stress that comes with that kind of stuff because it reminds me that I’m doing something important. I’m happy to have good people around me to lend a helping hand with whatever I need.

“What are some weird things in Japan not many people would know about?”

The whore houses and how they operate. I’ve never experienced it but I have seen from the outside. The cultural differences are significant in the prostitution game, haha.

“Missionary or doggy-style?”

That completely depends on whether or not I want to see her face.

“As a child, what was the very first car you wanted? And what did you end up with as your first car?”

My first car was a Toyota Camry which I never dreamed of wanting as a child, haha. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to drive as a child because I was too busy playing Street Fighter 2…

“Any advice on getting crisp low-light photos of cars with a stock camera setup?”

Use a tripod and get a lot of practice.

“where do you see yourself 5 years? What do you like to see change in our scene or see more of?”

Hopefully I’m older and wiser and more comfortable financially. I would like to see more quality parts being used and less people cheaping out to conform to trends.

“What do you think of the netherlands? Ever wanna go here?”

I’ve never thought much of it but I’m always interested in traveling.

“Where did you learn the skills to pay the bills?”

Sadly, I neither have the skills nor the money to pay the bills.

“What catches your eye first: wheel/brake combo, exterior aesthetics, rare interior, color? What’s the fad that shouldn’t ever had started and which one should’ve stayed longer?”

Authentic parts catch my eye first as well as quality wheel set-ups. The fad that should have never started was people rocking bike racks on their cars for no fucking reason. There isn’t a fad that should’ve stayed longer because it wouldn’t have been a fad in the first place.

David Vulocity Vu
“As a fan of your work and a person who likes cars, photography, and writing…do you have any real honest advice on how to have some sort of career in your field. It’s always been a dream of mine to do exactly what you’re doing but just wrenching on cars and taking photos hasn’t cut it for me. Any help or insight would be appreciated”

I wouldn’t really recommend a career in this field because there really isn’t a whole lot of financial stability. You’re basically just working on hopes and dreams. You either love it with the understanding that you are just living out a dream that might not have a payout in the longterm, or you don’t do it at all.

Daniel Nguyen
“Have you ever imagined that you’d be where you are now? Say, 10 years ago or whatever, would you have ever thought you would have been a contributor to the now-defunct Honda Tuning, or running a website such as Sticky Diljoe?

No, not at all. I went into it with no expectations and just ended up here through hard work. I think if I had gone in with expectations I would have just been disappointed. 10 years ago I didn’t have very many plans to do anything since I was too busy partying and acting stupid. I’m happy I was able to grow up and got very lucky doing what I do now. The Chronicles came about just based on an idea I had one night and I just ran with it because I wasn’t doing anything else.

Side question, what would you rather be doing if you weren’t shooting cars, or writing articles? Is there a ‘dream’ job you have?”

I’d love to be a Playboy photographer, but who wouldn’t? Haha….

Tim Paas
“When working on a personal car where do you pull inspiration from? Do you have a specific style that you are into more than others?”

I’ve always drawn inspiration from classic styling cues from Japan. To this very day I still build with very traditional Japanese ideas mixed with a little bit of mutual inspiration among friends.

Nick Epidemik Lopez
“What would your cb7 look like right now if you had kept it?”

It would either be beat to hell now or it would have a nicely done engine bay with a K-swap in it. The exterior would have remained mostly unchanged.

Scott Van de Vaarst
“did drifting kill the drag scene?”

No. In some ways, I think it pushed drag racing to the side for a bit but drag racing never left while Japanese drifting in America ultimately died because Americans took drifting and made it commercial.

Jason Hails
“Do you ever have plans for a trip to the UK to visit one of our big shows? Be cool to see/talk about shit you have seen in Japan/US compared to what you’ll see in the UK.”

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a whole lot from the UK that has really peaked my interest and fueled my want to visit. Maybe some day I’ll head out there but I think the UK has some catching up to do in the Japanese car community before it’d be worth it to explore.

Brian Alcala
“Do you put water on your toothbrush before you put the paste on it?”

Of course.

Jason Hiratzka
“Is Phaze2 a club or team? Can anyone join? Also do you know the whereabouts of your old CB7 or the parts?”

Phaze2 is a small family of like-minded car enthusiasts. We are better friends than we are car people. Membership is exclusive only to friendships-formed. 

I have no idea where my CB7 is these days. The last time I saw it was on the freeway a couple years ago and I only recognized it because of the green paint. Everything else had been removed from the car. Last I heard it was for sale on Craigslist awhile back with a new motor in it since the owner had blown the H22 I put into it when I owned it.

Mauro Estrada
“If you were to build a race car, what make and model would you choose? And how it would look like (specs)?”

Hmm, I don’t know since I haven’t had any motivation to build a race car. I guess I would build an EK9 Civic Type R since it is one of my favorite Hondas and is a step closer to being a true race car than many of the other Honda models. 

Well, that’s all the questions for this Q&A. Maybe I’ll do another one later on if people care. Thanks for looking and reading through all the questions. There were over a hundred so I’m curious as to see how many are actually reading this last line that I’m typing now. Until next time, have a great weekend folks…

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  1. Uk dosnt peak ur interest? Car culture in the uk is as good as anywhere on the planet. Goodwood this weekend…..
    Granted it would cost money to get here but don’t rule out country’s without giving it a thought or a chance. Different is sometimes great.

  2. Cool idea. And as far as age goes I am 47 and still have the bug. You are only as old as you feel. Be yourself and don’t cave to what others “think” you should be.

  3. Neat idea. Something more up close and personal. I have a couple of questions for you so I’ll be waiting for the next round.

  4. OK now I know more than I think I should about you. Great idea Joe, for someone who has just admired your writing and photography this was a great insight to the man behind the camera.

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