The Chronicles Vlog #2: Yuta Akaishi and Super Lap Battle…(Part 1 of 2)

I’ve never been one to do video stuff and am far from a videographer. There are so many guys out here doing video these days that I know it is hard to keep track of everything. Recently, I decided to start putting some videos together because, well, I see a lot of interesting stuff that I’d like to show you guys that always doesn’t tell the full story through photos. Thanks to Ryan Der, I have access to a pretty nice GoPro now so we just decided to film cool shit that we encountered and I tried to organize it in a way where you guys might enjoy it. You guys probably saw my first video documenting my trip to Hawaii with DPK David for the Spocom event. For my second video blog, I’ve taken it in a completely different direction and covered my friend Yuta Akaishi’s journey to Super Lap Battle 2014 (GTAxSLB 2014). Yuta is a very passionate fellow with a great deal of knowledge in cars and I wanted to give you guys a behind-the-scenes look into his world. He is a privateer driver with not very many resources so I think this is cool to see because you rarely get to see what these guys go through before a major event. This is a two part video so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you care and want to see the rest of it. I actually have been doing a lot of video lately so there is much more to come. Thanks as always for the support. Grab some popcorn and enjoy….

If you prefer to watch this in full 1080P resolution, simple go to my YouTube link and you can view it in all its glory there….

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