The Chronicles Vlog 2016 #9 (Part 3): Year 8 Anniversary Meet…

It feels like forever since we’ve done one of these but we are definitely back in the mix with new videos. September was a bit of a slow month for us but all kinds of stuff is happening in the next month or so. Vlog #9 covers everything happening in October leading up to the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Part 3 covers all that we were able to film during The Chronicles “Year 8” event. Every year, I like to celebrate with all my friends and people who support what I do by putting on a little meet over in Corona, CA at the Eibach Springs facility. I started doing this event in the second year of my site’s existence and I’m honestly really surprised and humbled that I am still around in my eighth year. People come out from all over the world to come hang out at my event which I conveniently hold the weekend before SEMA. It works out better for those flying into the U.S. for SEMA and it gives them a little something extra to do. The Chronicles’ anniversary meets are that big. We usually pack the front area of the Eibach facility wtih about 200 cars and it is a good, chill time with great people. Some really great cars come out and some guys even save their new builds to debut at the event, which is pretty awesome. There isn’t a whole lot of dialog in this particular piece. Most of it covers some of the cars that were there and things that went on. I wish I could have filmed more but it was pretty busy that day, trying to make sure everything went smoothly while also trying to capture content. Check it out and enjoy. Thank you all for the support over the years and if you haven’t had a chance to see the event, try to come out for the next one. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a good time….

*I am not a videographer and this wasn’t meant to be a visual masterpiece of any sort. I am merely capturing bits and pieces of my life for you guys to see…

Some of the people that are in this video who have Instagram accounts:

StickyDilJoe (@stickydiljoe)
Ryan Der (@ryan.der)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Tiffanie Marie (@tiffanie.marie)
David Andrade (@dpk_david)
Kristian Wong (@studytuned)
Ryan Hoegner (@ryanhoegner)
Aaron Wang (@spoonsportsusa)

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