The Chronicles Vlog Presents: MMXVI / Year In Review…

I showed this to Yuta and he watched it thoroughly before mentioning to me that he felt like he just saw a compilation of what seemed like 5 years of footage rolled into one….and he was there to experience pretty much all of it. I guess it’s crazy to think that we saw and did so much in 2016. Looking back now, it really does seem like it was more than just 365 days (really less) worth of experiences. I appreciate you guys taking all the time to watch all these vlogs. I know they aren’t always the best or anything, but I do love the fact that you guys care enough to sit through them to witness all that we see in this crazy life. I don’t have much else to say. I guess before I leave you all here in 2016, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite personal pieces that I wrote this year on my website ( It is a letter that I wrote to my younger self. I always wanted to do something like that and it seemed like the right time to do it now in my stage of life. It’s a realistic look back (or to the future for my younger self) and what lead me to where I am today. Enjoy folks, and again, thank you for the support in 2016 and beyond…

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All the footage you see was filmed by myself and my friends throughout 2016. About 95% of it was filmed on a GoPro Hero 4+ Silver.

Music: Hans Zimmer – Interstellar Theme (Aviators Remix)

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  1. Hey Joey I watch the vlogs faithfully I sincerely hope that you continue making them. They’re very entertaining for us car guys especially in the sport compact scene . Also I’m a foodie so these vlogs are like the greatest show on earth to me lol. I leave your videos on a loop while I’m working in my garage, they’re actually very calming and inspirational at the same time if that makes any sense lol. Anyway keep up the good work bro you have the support of many… Peace

  2. Hey Joey I hope you see this!

    Check out the link to your storefront

    It’s looking like there is an issue with the hosting. Not sure if this is visible from your side.


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