Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 2: Origin Stories…(Continued)

This is the second half of the Podcast that picks up directly after Part 1 posted last night. Looking to possibly do a weekly podcast so stay tuned for more! In this half, Tiffanie takes over the mic to chat about how she got into cars and how she met all of us, plus Yuta, Ken, and I continue to talk about the many connections we have that led us all to eventually share a shop space/office. Listen in and I hope you return for more!

As mentioned in Part 1, here is a slideshow of some old photos that we dug up from the past. You’ll notice that some of the photos are referenced in both parts of the Podcast… Audio is below in the Podcast player!…

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  1. Peace from Australia love the new podcast can’t wait for the next episode.
    Just one problem you need to fix the coding on the Google Play subscribe link peace

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