The Archives Returns in 2017: The Time Capsule Has Been Opened…

I arrived to my office yesterday with a big box waiting for me from FedEx. The contents within this box were about 5 albums of film photos from a couple of big car shows from late 1998-99. My boy Terry Suvonnarith from Trikspeed unearthed these photos that he captured back then and I told them that I wanted to see them so I could scan them for my records. He was a little hesitate t because of the quality of the photos but these are honestly some of the better photos I’ve seen from that period. I spent all night yesterday meticulously wiping down and scanning them to digitize them. Some day soon, I might even throw them up on the site for the world to see. Cracking this box open was honestly like opening a time capsule that was put away in 1999. Terry even kept the ticket stubs from the even and even the flyers he collected. Crazy dedication… Something about seeing an EF hatchback on Volk Evolution III wheels with Supra taillights and a two-toned vinyl interior is just so special and nostalgic…haha.. so excited to go through these albums…


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  1. Nostaglic photo, I often wonder where these cars from the 1999’s ended up. Garage/storage time capsules?.

  2. When creativity had no boundaries. I was always anxious as kid to see what new conversion people would come out with.

    • @Ken, Very true!. With what seemed like a limitless style of bodykits/ color schemes and JDM wheels to craft to your liking. I remeber viewing the old Super Streets and obsessing over owning my first bodykit.

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