Chronicles On Tape Podcast EP. 5: That One Time We Unknowingly Brought Kanjo Back… (YouTube Ver. w/Visuals)


On this unique episode of Chronicles On Tape, we take a look back with our friend Ryan Der to discuss how we unknowingly re-introduced Osaka Kanjozoku culture to the World and how it almost didn’t happen. You’ll hear some never before told stories about how we stumbled upon the guys from No Good Racing, all the random situations we ended-up in with the “Kanjo King”, why we kept it so secretive, and why you don’t really see us doing it anymore. Unlike previous Podcast episodes here on YouTube, we also include some visuals to go with the stuff we are talking about. Some of it is footage that the world has never seen before and some that we gathered from previous videos that we shot.

Also thank you for the additional footage from the original “The Kanjozoku” video project from Bowls LA that I also assisted with prior.

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  1. I think there are events that haven’t been mentioned in regards to “bringing back Kanjo” as I believe JSPIRIT had a lot to do with the revival of the Kanjo culture as well. Their CCB Nakajima Night meeting was pretty big back in April of 2014. The Kanjo King, No Good Racing, Wharp, Law Break, Osaka JDM were all present at that meet and this took place a month after the first ever collabed “Funny Night” between Osaka JDM, JSPIRIT and ATS Garage. Not to take any credit away from anyone, I just feel they should be recognized in that culture as well.

    • If there is one thing I will give credit to JSPIRIT and OSAKA JDM for it would be for selling the image of Kanjozoku culture and profiteering off of it while not really having any real ties to it other than trying to brand market off of it. They didn’t necessarily do anything for the culture or reviving it. I know all of those guys personally and from behind-the-scenes they didn’t do a whole lot. Osaka JDM, now Five Mart, was all about making money off of it without actually participating in reviving the culture other than by using the word “kanjo”. JSPIRIT piggybacked off of OSAKA JDM because they collaborated on clothing and design. Nobody from that camp was actually on the road covering any of that stuff or running with the guys. What they did was sell you the image that they were a part of it. And to say that ATS Garage had ANYTHING to do with Kanjozoku culture would be the biggest overstatement of all time. The only thing ATS had to do with Kanjozoku culture and its revival was that Ryan Der was there covering it with me and he just happened to be a member of ATS. He’s the only guy from that camp to even set foot in Japan, ever (other than Ken from Wekfest, who is also ATS). I don’t have any problem giving credit where it is due but those guys don’t deserve any credit for it. They just profited off of it through the work we were already doing.

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