Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 7: The One Where Yuta Is Fired…

In this episode, we chat with DPK David about the time we failed to finish Yuta’s Time Attack Civic build in 2015 and how Yuta managed to build a certain shop to prominence before he unceremoniously got canned.

It should be noted that this whole situation happened two years ago. Things happen, people disagree, people, even who were friends at one point, part ways. Please continue to support who you want to support. This was merely a moment in time, in the past, that we chose to discuss because it has always been a topic of discussion that was heavily spoken of but never explained. Thanks for listening.

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  1. You should action off the civic. I had a 98 ek sitting in my garage for long time. Spent many hours shopping on line for new quality parts and working on the car. Got married, had kids and sold the car for dirt cheap just cause I have no time to work on it, The car was super clean. So it s sold and the kid just destroyed it with vial wrap and other stuff. It is killing me when I go with friends to the track.
    I been trying to step away from the hondas just cause I’m 36 and Police is very harsh here in Toronto Canada. Love watching all the vids you guys post and Yuta was building his civic that was big for all of the viewers but a big disappointment. I think alot of ppl like myself would love to see the car run on the track regardless what the drama is. I dont fucking matter who sponsors the car. Honda civics eg and ek cant get enough of. If he dose use the car, sell it. I would love to take a shot and put a bid on it.

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