Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 12: The One About The Worst Year Ever (So Far)…

After a 6-month hiatus, the Chronicles on Tape Podcast is finally back!! We recap you on all that has been going on, both good and bad about the tumultuous year that has been 2018 so far. If you’re listening strictly for car content, this one probably isn’t for you. We dive pretty deep into the human-side of things and talk about life, dealing with problems, recovery, and everything under the sun. Thank you for the support and I hope you understand why this particular podcast was necessary before we move forward for the rest of the year.

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  1. Finaly another Podcast!
    Keep it up guys and respect for living through that hard time, things that don’t kill you make you stronger!
    Greetings “that one guy from Germany”

  2. Situations like these happen in life, and you sometimes don’t understand the reasoning right away. The reason you are struggling is that this is the person that is your soulmate and the thought of losing that person would be crushing to you. My father died when I was young and you just learn to deal with it. Marry that girl.

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