Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 15: The One Where We Talk Legacy…

We haven’t really had time to really sit down to do a podcast in awhile but while we had some down time in Houston over the weekend, I got together with the Wekfest guys to chat about the show and look back on the past ten years of both of our respective brands. Yuta was back at home in Los Angeles working on cars at the shop so he wasn’t around to chat, but this is the first time I was able to get so many guys into one podcast, which made things interesting. We started out just sort of bullshitting, gassing up John and talking about how great his life was/is, but then we dove into some interesting topics where we ended up discussing what we wanted to be remembered for when all this was said and done. It’s nothing too serious but it was cool to hear some of the guys’ thoughts on where they are in life and where they are headed.

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  1. Idk why I enjoy listening to you guys talking that much, but I do enjoy it quite much!
    Keep it up, Joey!
    Greetings from that one guy from Germany 😀

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