All Things Cool At Final Bout Gallery – CHRNCLS Vlog 2019 #18 (Part 1)

I just want to see cool shit. Seriously. You won’t see me covering drifting in North America really, because, well…it doesn’t pique my interest. I appreciate it for what it is but I wouldn’t sit here and tell you something was cool to me if it wasn’t, you know? About 4 years ago, I was scouring YouTube one night and discovered this event called “Final Bout”. It wasn’t too big of an event before, just some guys from Chicago who like drifting and Japanese street style drifting that decided to throw an event with their friends in a small track in Wisconsin. It was different. More importantly, it was fucking cool. Final Bout was a team drifting competition where friends could thrash together with their cars wearing matching liveries. There was just something so honest and grassroots about it. Nobody cared about money or sponsorships, they just wanted to make enough money to run the event and guys who were into drifting responded to it. People from all over the country started to pay attention and some years later, it has grown into a globally-recognized event. I didn’t have the opportunity to go back in the following years but after Final Bout went on a hiatus, I heard about their “Gallery” event for 2019 and knew I had to check it out. The format was a bit different this time around but the cars remained as cool as they ever have been, and that’s what matters. You take some really cool cars, classic Japanese styling, some really cool dudes, a group of legendary drifters from Japan flying over to drive, at a small race track in who-knows-where, Wisconsin…and you have Final Bout Gallery.

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_japan)
Final Bout (@finalbout)
Eric Chob (@mrchob)
Simba Nyemba (@ggsimba)
Ilia Smolov (@91291_xx)
Josh Maghirang (@revgasm_josh)

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