Chronicles On Tape Podcast Episode 19: “Sang-ria”


Our friend Sang Pham decided to drop by the shop while Yuta and I were about to start doing another episode of the podcast so we just included him in it. We didnt really have anything to talk about before Sang arrived so we asked him about his J’s Racing widebody S2000, why he decided to sell it, how it ended-up with Tunercult as a raffle car, and what the hell he was thinking selling the car in the first place. We also got to learn more about Sang’s life, like how he threw-up in school and didn’t bother to tell nobody, as well as how he decided to go buy an S2000 while his baby mama was in labor at the hospital. It’s the life story you never knew you needed!

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  1. This is so great!! F*ink Sang is a fool.

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