Well That Escalated Quickly…CHRNCLS Vlog 2020 #19

Alternate Title: “Who TF is Andrew and Why Are We Ruining His TSX??

Our neighbor Andrew recently bought a TSX and was trying to get “better gas mileage” so he let Yuta do pretty much whatever he wanted to it, even things that sound completely unreasonable, to get the car down to a certain weight. Our friend Ken Suen decides to join in on the fun and what results is the the ultimate mash-up no one knew they needed! It’s like the broke car Avengers, lol. More surprising is that they actually got along and didn’t ended-up fighting each other! Also there is plenty going on at the shop so we catch you up on recent happenings. Oh there’s also a Boost Blue FK8 Civic Type R inside our shop. This one is a lengthy one because there is so much to unpack and things escalated so quickly. Everyone wear some eye protection and join in on the fun!

Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yuta Akaishi (@yutaakaishi)
Ken Suen (@bigredksr)
Andrew Banh (@idroveacamry)
Phil Stubkjaer (@philstarsays)
Duane Bada (@rcompoundusa)

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