Quick Photos of Cody Chan’s FA5 Civic…

I’d like to say that we’ve changed because we’re starting to build newer cars but then we realized that cars like the FA5 Civic SI is already old and it just caught up to us in age. Whatever the case may be, we still get just as excited for our friends when their cars come together and we get to see how happy they are with the fruits of their labor. Cody Chan has been loading up on parts for a while now and his daily is looking pretty cool. I’m happy for him cuz he hasn’t been this excited about cars in awhile. That feeling when you can look at your car and just have this sense of joy knowing it came out how you wanted it to—it just hits different…

Oh yeah, Andrew Banh hasn’t quite gotten there yet with either of his cars but maybe Cody is providing some motivation…Just maybe…








That’s all for today folks. Thanks for looking!!…

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  1. Sweet picture posting sir. Cody and Yuta = 2 methodical styling powerhouses.

  2. So is that front bumper actually designed to be wrapped over the dip in the JDM/CSX lights, or is it an American-spec bumper he just tried to make work?

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