Adjusting To “Normal” Life In Osaka…

I use the term “Normal” very loosely of course becaues living the life I live the last decade or so would hardly be categorized as anything close to normal by conventional standards. Nonetheless, this life is normal to me so being in Japan has required a bit of an adjustment over the last few weeks. Osaka is a very special place to be, especially if you’re a car enthusiasts so hanging out with Yasu every day has provided me with a very special outlook on how life can be for people in this area. I’m sure he would be the first to tell you that me being here for this amount of time has completely flipped his world upside down. My stay here has probably shaken up his routine so I tried to make it easier on him by having him carry out his day as he would had I not been here. Of course, that didn’t happen as I expected it to, as he took me to ASLAN to go visit and the rest of the time was spent running errands and doing random stuff.

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  1. Thanks for the experience and all those people who welcomed you into their shops.

    What has become of Tactical Art, are they still around?

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