Yasu Said It’s Time To Retire The Phaze2 Integra…

It has been quite a journey with the Phaze2 Integra. I watched the car come together, be sold, re-purchased, rebuilt, and sold once again in the span of the last 17 years. Though it has never been my car, I’ve always had a connection with it. I’d say this car is very much a part of my legacy. To this day I think the Super Street cover of this Integra is my favorite cover that I’ve ever shot. When it was sold to Yasu in Osaka, it felt like the perfect home for it. In Japan, it developed its own history. The car was maintained by Yasu for some time, sold to a friend, and returned to Yasu’s ownership. Recently, the car has been in storage and starting to show some age. The motor itself is not doing so well, and some parts on the car could definitely use a refresh, but… there just hasn’t been time. Yasu is super busy these days with other projects but since I was in town for the month and the Stancenation G Edition event was happening nearby, Yasu decided he wanted to pull the car out and make it look fancy again for one final major event…

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