Aussie Fun With Spoon Sports & The RAREST JDM Collector Cars Outside Of Japan…

To be perfectly honest with you, when I first embarked on this journey to Australia, I had no idea I’d encounter a multi-million dollar Nismo Z-Tune, multiple Nismo 400Rs, THE HKS ZERO-R, or a Jackie Chan custom Mitsubishi Evo. What a wildly interesting day this turned-out to be. But before I get to that, I spent an extra day with Spoon Sports at JDMYard for a gathering they hosted. It’s always fun hanging out with those guys and making memories. Later on that week, I realized I had an extra day unplanned so I hit up some friends over in Melbourne. I’d never been on that side of Australia but knew they had a pretty great car community there. I met a few of them earlier this year while we were all in Japan and they seemed like good people. When I told them I wanted to spend a day there, they took time off, picked me up from the airport, and took me to see some of the rarest Japanese imports I’ve ever seen!…

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Joey Lee (@stickydiljoe)
Yasutaka Shimomukai (@exceed_jpn)
Dean Trajkovski (@dean.traj)
John aka Tookie (@parabxllxm)

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