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Man, I am so sorry for the delay with the photos. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to balance the content now between videos and photo coverage. Bear with me, I am working it out. For now there will be a slight delay with the photos in comparison to the Vlogs since I spent so much …

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What’s up all. I’m currently right in the middle of packing for my trip to Hawaii for the annual Wekfest event but decided that it be best for me to get some more content up for you guys to look at before I go. I have so much stuff to post, along with the rest …

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I love Tokyo Auto Salon. I really do. After going the last couple of years, I’ll admit that maybe my excitement has waned a little bit but I really do look forward to going. I just really enjoy the idea of going to an event and seeing so many new build unveiled. Some of my …

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