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There Is No Rival, Because There Is No Equal.


I’m literally typing this up while sitting at a kitchen counter in our AirBnB house in Hawaii while I’m here for the 2017 Wekfest Hawaii event. I wish I would have had the time to get this posted up earlier last week but I’ve just been super busy running around. Crazy because I have to …

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After driving around Japan to visit various shops and eat a shit-ton of food, it was finally time to get down to the reason why we were in Tokyo; the annual Tokyo Auto Salon event. I always compare this show to SEMA just based on terms of sheer size, but it is completely different in …

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By the time you’re reading this, I think I should be in Jakarta. Hopefully everything is going well and I am having a good time, haha. I was invited to go to Indonesia a couple months ago to attend their huge Hot Import Nights event. I’m very unfamiliar with the country and really probably have …

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