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Damn this thing is a beast….Before I get started on that, let me tell you about my adventure over at Honda-Tech. I started a thread in the GDD forum over there telling guys to check out my blog…I mean it wasn’t really a big deal but there are so many guys on there that absolutely obsess on posting some kind of jackass response so that they can become the next “epic thread” guy. You know who they are, those guys that have no lives and just want people to laugh at some stupid response they post? Yeah thoses guy. On top of that, they closed my thread because it was deemed “in direct competition” with them. Uhh…Giving me more credit than I deserve perhaps? Ehh…anyways…

This EK belongs to Kid Kombo from Washington state. I have had a chance to see a couple of other Honda’s that came from the Trikspeed crew and they’re all pretty legit. The first thing that probably stands out immediately at you is the Voltex canards that are mounted up front. It seems a little crazy at first but it flows well with the car…

The canards are custom-fitted Voltex twin-canards originally meant for an Evo. Apparently they were a bitch to fit but the pictures and overall result show that he did an awesome job.

Lurking under the hood is a battleship grey engine bay and K-swap. Once again the attention to detail is present. The battery terminals look like they should have came that way and the catch can and cooling plate up front add a nice touch as well as functionality….

The Stack cluster pretty much says it all. Just a beautiful cluster. This thing looks like it’s ready for some track time. I’m not too big a fan of the wheels but he says that they’re just his beater wheels and he’s got something else coming in. With all the quality stuff he’s put into this build, I doubt I’ll be disappointed. Kid Kombo’s EK is gonna be a force in 2009, it is an example of what’s to come in the future: Show-quality detail with track-ready performance….I love it.

Props to Hasback for the great shots….If you guys are in Socal and want your cars shot, make sure to hit him up….


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