ASM Tsukuba Special 2008 S2000

Found this while I was glancing at the ASM blog….Just when you thought the ASM aerodynamics couldn’t get any crazier, well, take a look for yourself.

I couldn’t really translate exactly what they were trying to say but it mentioned something along the lines of them being big fans of F1 racing and their aerodynamics so they decided to test similar aero on the S2000. Not only is it creative and cool but also functions. Like a majority of their aero parts, it was all wind tunnel tests but results remain confidential.

Shakedown runs were made this month at the Okayama International Circuit on Advan A050 tires and prototype ASM suspension…

Sick engine set-up with individual throttle bodies, I can only imagine how this thing sounds screaming down the track.

They also mentioned running a Drexler LSD and how quiet the thing was when loading and unloading. The unit was so quiet that it didn’t even make any sound and almost seemed as if it wasn’t working because engagement was so delicate.

The aero pieces are absolutely crazy. You almost don’t wanna believe that it’s necessary but ASM aero is all wind tunnel tested so none of the pieces are wasted on the S2000…

They also show a glimpse of the new Recaro SP-A Pro Racer seat that they’re running….

So badass….damn….If you understand Japanese or just wanna see some crazy stuff, take some time to check out the ASM website and their blog. Alot of cool stuff on there to see….

On another note, Happy Halloween, go out and make some bad decisions people…haha…


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