Uhh…crazy much?

I caught this thread on HT about a guy who’s planning on making a mid-engine K20/K24 hybrid…hmm…yeah sounds crazy enough. But there’s also a mid-engine H22 Integra out there also, so if you compare it to that, it’s not really that far-fetched. If he can pull it off, it would be a hell of a job…and by the looks of the pics, it looks promising.

Engine is gonna be a K20/K24 hybrid with 6-speed Type-S tranny, custom fabricated rear frame/unibody, and EP3 subframe….

I’ll try to keep you guys updated as he furthers the build….definitely one to keep an eye on….

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  1. It’s done & running!! Timmy is amazing @ K swaps & pretty much anything electrical. Not too bad for a local guy from NC.

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