Sportcar Motion Sets Limited FF Record at Buttonwillow…

So i got word that the Sportcar Civic did pretty well at the Super Lap Battle so I sent a text to Loi to see what was goin on…

To: Loi

Sent: Nov. 13, 1:33 pm

Sup doggie did you break the record?

A couple seconds later…

From: Loi

We crushed it doggie by 3 seconds LOL.

Nov. 13, 1:34 pm

……and so….

Big congrats go out to Loi Song and Sportcar Motion for setting the Limited FF record at the Super Lap Battle 2008 event this week. With Tim Kuo behind the wheel, the Sportcar EG was able to pull a time of 1:55.948 to become the new Limited FF class record holder…

…You’ll notice that also on that list is Tage Evanson who was the record holder from the year before. His time was pretty impressive also considering last years record was a 1:58. That speaks volumes because Sportcar’s time shatters the previous record by 3 seconds!…

Probably could have ran like a 1:45.88889 lap time without the RG’s on there…haha….at least Loi put them to use…When I had them all I did was paint the valve stem cap blue…hell yeah…that’s right…haha…

Gotta love the Sportcar Motion Super Wood Splitter up front…haha, say what you will about it, that bitch works…Alright I’ll stop talking, on with the pics….

Congrats again to Loi and the rest of the Sportcar Motion crew!!

Sportcar Motion

Super Lap Battle 2008 Final Standings

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  1. We did it doggie!!!!!!!! one in the record book

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