Jailbreak at the Honda Asylum…

You ever had a semi-hot chick who was a friend of your’s and she had spent the last 5 years saving up for a tit job? Well it all sounds good on paper and you’re somewhat excited about it. Then she shows up one day out of nowhere and she flashes you, and her nipples are so far apart that they have east and west coast beef. Of course, her tits weren’t so bad in the beginning….they were relatively simple and easy to navigate around but now you find yourself angry because you know the change is permanent. No matter how much shit you talk about them to your friends, her tits will never ever be the same again….Sure you’ll get used to them eventually but a botched-tit job is a botched-tit job. If you ever thought about being able to motorboat them, you can’t because one nipple will be in your eye and the other will be tickling your chin. There’s nothing positive you can possibly think would come of the change…

Oh, well get this…In totally unrelated news, Honda-Tech switched over to vBB-format this past weekend. And it…is…fucked.

I don’t really think it has anything to do with the vBB stuff itself, I just think that it was better left untouched. Zero Forum was so much easier to navigate and with all the traffic it was generating, it was so easy to keep track of your watched topics and keep up with your fellow HT-er’s. Switching over to vBB just makes it look like Honda Society or any other board on the net. On top of that people lost all their saved PM’s, contacts, avatars, watched threads, etc. And if your thread was lucky enough to be saved from the changeover, it was hacked to shit and pages and content were missing.

So what exactly happens an unwanted change occurs? People revolt. And I’m not gonna lie to you, there were alot of over-opinionated people on there that are just waiting to talk shit about anything, and those people WENT APESHITS. Of course one thread wasn’t enough, two definitely no, hell 45 threads weren’t enough, everyone that finally figured their way around the new vBB format made it known that it was a horrible idea. And also went on in typical H-T style and flooded every thread with useless rambling.

I could care less. And so should you. Let’s face it, Honda-Tech is not meant for “the people”. They don’t give a shit about you and you should give a shit less about them. Maybe back in the day they were about people and the Honda community but now it’s run by some corporate company that’s only concerned with making a dollar and generating some sort of traffic. You can bitch all you want, and things will never change.

I remember I posted a thread about this site a couple weeks back and the admin immediately removed it from the forums. They PM’ed me to inform me that it was “in direct competition with the forums”. Direct competition? What the fuck? First of all it’s a blog site about what I think and see. “I” as in one individual (Who happens to be quite good-looking I might add). There’s no discussion going on here besides the voices in my head. I’m not making any money from this. The forum that’s supposed to be for the people and for Honda-enthusiasts took my thread down because I couldn’t tell people about something I was working on that was clearly Honda-related.

I joined Honda-Tech back in 2002 because I knew nothing about Honda’s and was doing my first swap in one. It is now 2008. I still know nothing about Honda’s. Haha…I must admit that I do give H-T some credit; I was able to get noticed by Honda Tuning Magazine cuz of some pics I posted and it eventually landed me a feature. But that was a long time ago and that place has been taking a nose-dive down the drain for awhile now. The only people that really are hurt by this are the guys that have been there since the beginning and anything nostalgic about that place is long gone. Its like being in a relationship too long when you know that you need to end it, but the only reason you stick around is for the memories. Just break it off and let that shit go. Move on.

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